Explanation: "This measure is shown to get you to talk to the nursing home staff about how they check and manage pain, and to make you aware of how important it is. Pain can be caused by a variety of medical conditions. Checking for pain and pain management are very complex."

Why is this important?: "Residents should always be checked regularly by nursing home staff to see if they are having pain. Residents (or someone on their behalf) should let staff know if they are in pain so efforts can be made to find the cause and make the resident more comfortable. If pain is not treated, a resident may not be able to perform daily routines, may become depressed, or have an overall poor quality of life. This percentage may include some residents who are getting or have been prescribed treatment for their pain, but who refuse pain medicines or choose to take less. Some residents may choose to accept a certain level of pain so they can stay more alert."


Taken from the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services: Nursing Home Information for Consumers