Biodex Sit2Stand Trainer

The Effects of the Biodex Sit2Stand Trainer on Function for those with Cardiac Disease


The purpose of this research is to study if exercising using the Biodex Sit2Stand Trainer will lead to improvements in strength, ability to do everyday activities, and quality of life. The Biodex Sit2Stand Training is a new device, but is currently being used in rehabilitation centers across the country and is considered standard exercise equipment. The trainer provides a lifting force through the seat that helps individuals stand up. This allows individuals to practice the standing motion at a level of difficulty that is ideal for training.

When individuals have cardiac disease, it is common for them to have weakness in their legs that may make standing up from a chair hard. Even when individuals finish a cardiac rehabilitation program, getting out of chair can still be a challenge.  This may affect an individual’s quality of life.

Performing challenging exercises can lead to improvements in activities such as getting out of a chair. The Biodex Sit2Stand trainer is a piece of equipment that allows someone who have trouble standing up from a chair to practice this activity.

Data from this study will allow the investigators to determine if the trainer is effective in improving function in individuals who have cardiac disease. Results will also help determine if the trainer should be used in cardiac rehabilitation patients.

Principal Investigator(s)
Michael Puthoff

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