Published on November 14, 2013

340B Drug Pricing Program

Genesis Medical Center, Aledo and Genesis Health Group, Aledo are pleased to offer the 340 B program to qualified patients enrolled in Charity Care reducing costs of select medications. Genesis is offering this service to the community to help reduce overall health care costs.

The 340B Drug Pricing Program was established in 1992 to help provide qualifying patients affordable prescription drugs. The program is available to several types of safety net health providers, including Critical Access Hospitals, allowing providers to stretch limited the federal resources available and to offer a comprehensive set of services.

Qualified patients may have their prescriptions filled at Genesis Medical Center, Aledo Pharmacy at reduced 340B prices.

In 2012, Genesis Medical Center, Aledo implemented a diabetic care program for qualified patients offering medications and medical services.
This initiative provided over $10,000 of free care to these patients.

Due to the success of the program, Genesis is expanding the 340B program to target medications which help treat chronic diseases like COPD and diabetes at a reduced cost to qualified Charity Care patients.

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