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  • Heather Hartley's Story 10/12/2017

    About to be second-time parents, Heather and Alan Hartley returned in July to the Genesis BirthCenter to deliver their son, Alex, knowing they would receive care focused on the entire family in a safe, comfortable environment.

  • Lexie Kibler’s Story 9/25/2017

    Postnatal bonding, breastfeeding guidance, and personalized care helped make Lexie Kibler’s birthing experience at Davenport BirthCenter special

  • Christina Hill’s Story 9/18/2017

    Christina Hill said she is still benefitting from the advice and support she received at Genesis Davenport BirthCenter.

  • Allie Kibler’s Story 9/11/2017

    Allie Kibler said she couldn’t have had a better labor and delivery experience thanks to Genesis Medical Center’s support for her birth wishes.

  • Dr. Clare Harney's Story 9/4/2017

    As an OB/GYN, Dr. Clare Harney knows the birth experience doesn’t always go as expected. She too experienced the unexpected as a first-time mom. More than two years ago, her son, Abel, was born at 35 weeks after a long induced labor and an emergency C-section.

  • Megan Hansen's Story 7/26/2017

    Megan and Ben Hansen welcome their son, Liam, at the Genesis BirthCenter after battling gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

  • Genesis BirthCenter, Davenport Now Offering Nitrous Oxide for Pain Relief 6/12/2017

    Genesis BirthCenter, Davenport has joined a small but increasing number of U.S. birth centers giving women the option of possibly giggling through the pain of labor contractions.

  • Emma, Jackson Most Popular Baby Names 12/27/2016

    Emma and Jackson topped the list of the most popular names of babies born at Genesis BirthCenters in 2016.

  • Elizabeth Grace and the Halo 5K 7/11/2016

    Jenny Atzen, Founder of the Elizabeth Grace Foundation and Halo 5K, discusses these initiatives and how they're fighting SIDS.

  • Lindsey Greer's Story 7/27/2015

    Lindsey Greer looked quite at ease as she rocked her newborn son, Caleb, in her room at the Genesis BirthCenter in Davenport, surrounded by her family.

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