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Genesis Employee Wellness Program provides HIPAA protected health services conveniently at your workplace to help make you and your colleagues happier, healthier and stronger.

Our experienced staff accommodates the needs of employers and employees and strives to exceed your expectations.

Why Start a Wellness Program?

Healthy employees mean a more productive and financially healthy workplace.

Surging health care costs slow the rate of job growth by making it more expensive for companies to add new workers. They also suppress wage increases for current workers by driving up total compensation costs.

Health care spending is continuing to rise and employers are left with tough choices: pay more, pass costs on to employees, drop coverage. The cost of doing nothing is obvious, cost increase dramatically.

Genesis would like to introduce you to another option: Employee Wellness Programs.

The professionals at Genesis have experience working with employers throughout the area to customize a program that fits their needs. Focusing on prevention and aiming efforts at the risk factors that are resulting in these increasing costs gets to the root cause of this issue.

Benefits of Employee Wellness

Wellness programs are associated with all of the following:

  • Lower Health Care Costs
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Higher Productivity
  • Reduced Use Of Health Care Benefits
  • Reduced Worker's Comp/Disability
  • Reduced Injuries
  • Increased Morale and Loyalty

One of the most eye-catching items on that list for most employers is lower health care cost. There are many different articles and published statistics related to return on investment (ROI), but each company will be different. Use this ROI tool to get an idea what your costs could look like in the future.

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