Psychological Disorder Fact Sheet

Anxiety and depression are among the six most common conditions seen by family physicians. Fifty to seventy percent of all visits to primary care doctors have no identifiable physical illness; these complaints stem from psychological stress. Twenty-five percent of patients seen by primary care physicians have a disabling psychological disorder.

Fifteen to twenty percent of the population have a diagnosable mental health problem (as many as 80,000 in the Quad Cities area). This figure includes 14 million children (as many as 21,500 in the greater Quad Cities area).

Forty-eight percent of Americans age 15 to 54 will experience a psychological disorder in their lifetime (about 192,000 in the greater Quad Cities area).

In 1985, mental illness and substance abuse cost the United States $77.2 billion in lost income (approximately $118 million for the greater Quad Cities area).

The annual cost of depression surpasses the cost of heart disease, $43.7 billion (about $6.7 million in the greater Quad cities area). Over half of this cost comes from absenteeism and lost productivity at work.

In any month, 8 million Americans suffer depression (about 12,3000 in the greater Quad Cities area). During a lifetime, one out of five persons will be depressed (as many as 80,000 in the greater Quad Cities area).

There are about 3 million suicide attempts each year in the United States (about 46 completed in the greater Quad Cities area each year and up to 4,600 attempts).

One-third of the homeless suffer from a severe emotional disorder.

Seventy nine percent of nursing home residents need mental health care.

Prevalence Rates of Major Mental Disorders

 Disorder   Percent  Quad City Area
 Schizophrenia  1.0%  4,000
 Manic Depression  0.6%  2,400
 Major Depression  3.5%  14,000
 Panic Disorder  0.9%  3,600
 Phobias  8.8%  35,200
 Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder  1.6%  6,400
 Attention Deficit Disorder  3 to 5%  12,000 to 20,000

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