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Silvis's commitment to personalized care is especially evident in Silvis's Birth Center, more informally known as "The Family Room."

The Family Room features all private, larger “LDRP” patient rooms (labor, delivery, recovery, postpartum), designed to provide maximum comfort for mom and the entire family. Hydrotherapy Jacuzzi tubs and showers are also available. Silvis's Birth Center features Level II special care nursery capabilities and the latest technology in labor and delivery, fetal monitoring and newborn care. All of this takes place in a comfortable home-like environment with the help of experienced caring nurses. Family involvement is encouraged and education of new parents is a priority. Silvis believes in mother-baby nursing, a concept that focuses on one cross-trained nurse providing all care for both mom and newborn.

A wide range of child-birth preparation classes, prenatal sessions, infant CPR, breastfeeding and sibling classes are available through Silvis Birth Associates. Trained, certified instructors (all of whom are parents themselves), provide a great resource for soon-to-be parents and siblings. Classes are offered on several weeknights and weekends to accommodate most schedules. All classes are presented on the Genesis Medical Center, Silvis. To contact Birth Associates directly, call 309-281-4450.

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