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Michele Benson

Lung Cancer Screening Provides Early Detection

“Genesis saved my life.”

Michele Benson will never throw away the Genesis postcard that came in the mail this summer about a free low-dose CT lung cancer screening. It led her to get a CT scan that found her lung cancer at a very early stage. After lung surgery, she is cancer-free, and the Genesis postcard will forever be a family keepsake.

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Michelle Allen

Racing For a Cure

Twice in her life, Michelle Allen has found a lump in her breast. Michelle Allen of Davenport, a breast  cancer survivor, has received mammograms and other breast health services with the help of funds raised from the annual Komen Quad Cities
Race for the Cure.®

The first time, the single mother of three children was diagnosed with breast cancer. That was in 2007, and her months of medical treatment were covered by Medicaid. It was a scary time for her and her sons, but she underwent the months of chemotherapy and radiation with courage and beat the disease.

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Cancer Treatment and You

Cancer Treatment and You

Genesis Cancer Care Institute now has an online class providing general information about treatments and support services for cancer patients and families.

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Distressed about life with cancer?

We understand having cancer can create feelings of anxiety and be overwhelming at times. If you were recently diagnosed with cancer or are currently undergoing cancer treatment and live in the Quad Cities or surrounding area take this confidential online survey, and a Genesis Cancer Navigator will follow up with you and address your individual challenges.

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