Where Do I Go From Here?

Connect with your Doctor

Once you suspect you have diabetes and have talked to your doctor and the diagnosis has been confirmed, ask them to refer you to the Diabetes Care Center for the diabetes self management program.

Once diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes we are here to support you and your family and friends at one of our 2 locations in Illinois or Iowa. We will assist you in the management of your diabetes and through education we will empower you to be an active member of your health care team. We hope you will find the basic information on this site helpful until you can be seen.

Assess Your Knowledge Base

Think you know it? You can review this tutorial on diabetes and test your knowledge with some of their interspersed questions from National Institute of Health (NIH) Medline Plus Diabetes.  

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For more information about our diabetes services, please contact:

Bettendorf Office

Silvis Office

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