Grief Support Recommended Reading

Child – During & After End-of-Life Experience

  • My Father's Arms Are A Boat - by Stein Erik Lunde
  • Water Bugs and Dragonflies: Explaining Death to Young Children Coloring Book - by Doris Stickney
  • The Fall of Freddie the Leaf: A Story of Life for All Ages - by Leo Buscaglia
  • Lifetimes: The Beautiful Way To Explain Death To Children – by Bryan Mellonie and Robert Ingpen

Child – After End-of-Life Experience

  • The Goodbye Book – by Todd Parr (Preschooler)
  • Visiting Feelings - by Lauren Rubenstein (Child & Parent)
  • Sad Isn't Bad: A Good-Grief Guidebook for Kids Dealing with Loss: Elf-Help Books for Kids - by Michaelene Mundy and R. W. Alley
  • 35 Ways to Help a Grieving Child – by The Dougy Center
  • Love You Forever – by Robert Munsch

Teen – During & After End-of-Life Experience

  • Weird Is Normal When Teenagers Grieve – by Jenny Lee Wheeler
  • Fire in My Heart, Ice in My Veins: A Journal for Teenagers Experiencing a Loss - by Enid Samuel Traisman

Teen – After End-of-Life Experience

  • Memories Matter: Activities for Grieving Children & Teens Item – by The Dougy Center
  • Helping Teens Cope with Death – by The Dougy Center
  • Healing Your Grieving Heart for Teens: 100 Practical Ideas – by Alan D. Wolfelt
  • Teen Grief Relief: Parenting with Understanding, Support, and Guidance - by Gloria Call Horsley and Heidi Horsley

Adult – During End-of-Life Experience

  • Dying Well: Peace and Possibilities at the End of Life - by Ira Byock
  • The Four Things That Matter Most: A Book About Living - by Ira Byock
  • How We Die: Reflections of Life's Final Chapter, New Edition Paperback – by Sherwin B. Nuland

Adult – After End-of-Life Experience

  • Good Grief - by Granger E. Westberg
  • Understanding Your Grief: Ten Essential Touchstones for Finding Hope and Healing Your Heart – by Alan D. Wolfelt
  • Seven Choices: A Pocket Guide: Finding Daylight After Loss Shatters Your World - by Elizabeth Harper Neeld
  • The Mourner’s Book of Courage: 30 Days of Engagement – by Alan D. Wolfelt
  • Healing After Loss: Daily Meditations for Working Through Grief – by Martha Whitmore Hickman
  • A Grief Disguised: How the Soul Grows Through Loss – by Jerry Sittser
  • Without: Poems - by Donald Hall
  • Honoring Grief: Creating a Space to Let Yourself Heal – by Alexandra Kennedy

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Grief Support Blog

  • Helping Others in Their Grief

    Helping Others in Their Grief

    I have learned an important lesson working as a chaplain. We can all provide comfort, care and support for people around us who are hurting and grieving.
    January 19, 2018
  • Using Mindfulness to Help Heal Grief

    Using Mindfulness to Help Heal Grief

    Mindfulness is a form of meditation—settling our nervous system and training the brain to be more focused and less reactive.
    December 26, 2017
  • On a Holiday with Grief

    On a Holiday with Grief

    Grief is a natural response to loss, especially heightened during the holiday season.
    October 24, 2017