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Our goal is to assist you when you find yourself or someone you love living with an advancing illness. Genesis Hospice understands how overwhelming it can be navigating through a serious illness and how much easier life can be when you receive the support and comprehensive services you need.

How Can Genesis Hospice Help?

Genesis Hospice provides experienced, high quality care so that your loved one can remain as independent and comfortable as possible. Genesis Hospice provides medical care in addition to providing emotional and spiritual support. Care is provided in your own home, wherever you call home, by a multi-disciplinary team that includes you at the center of care, along with your physician, Genesis Hospice Medical Director, nurses who are experts in managing discomfort, hospice aides, chaplains, bereavement counselors, dieticians, medical social workers, therapists (massage, music, occupational, physical and speech) and specially trained volunteers. In addition, Genesis Hospice provides complementary therapies such as Reiki and essential oils to assist in managing distressing symptoms that improve and enhance quality of life. The common goal of all services is to provide improved quality of life and comfort.

The Genesis Hospice Team is committed to sharing the opportunities and challenges during the journey of an advancing serious illness and to ensure that you are not alone and without resources to provide you comfort and recognize and celebrate opportunities.

Genesis Hospice is composed of a multi-disciplinary team that includes the patient’s physician, the hospice medical director, nurses, homehealth aides, chaplains, bereavement coordinators, volunteers, medical social workers, dietitians, pharmacists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. We employ complementary therapies such as Reiki and essential oils to assist in managing symptoms as well as enhancing quality of life. The common goal of all services is to provide the patient and family with comfort. 

The end of life brings many opportunities and challenges and the Genesis Hospice team is able to assist you with whatever challenge you might have and to make the journey with ensure that you are not alone and without resources to provide you with comfort and to recognize and celebrate the opportunities. 

Genesis Hospice Philosophy

Genesis Hospice affirms life and exists to provide support and comfort to patients and their families when cure is no longer possible. Genesis Hospice neither hastens nor postpones death. Genesis Hospice exists in the hope and belief that, through a caring community and support, patients and their families attain a satisfactory degree of mental and spiritual preparation for end of life.

In each of our care settings, Genesis Hospice offers specialized care for people at the end of life and their families that:

  • Treats the physical, emotional and spiritual (holistic) needs of the family.
  • Concentrates on making patients comfortable and free of pain.
  • Considers helping family members an essential part of its mission.
  • Believes the quality of life to be as important as the length of life.

Who Is Eligible for Hospice Care?

Any individual with an advanced illness, a limited time to live and physician's consent to provide medical direction on behalf of the ill individual.

Individuals and families who clearly understand that the goal of hospice care is not to cure but to provide care, comfort, and support.

Our Services

Genesis Hospice creates an individual care plan for each patient that can include:

  • Nursing Care to assist with physical care, comfort management, and emotional support needs.
  • Home Health Aides / Homemakers to assist with personal care.
  • Spiritual Care and support to provide spiritual well-being.
  • Trained Volunteers to provide companionship or respite care.
  • Dietitian, Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy to meet individual needs.
  • Medical Social Workers to provide emotional support and assist with community resources.
  • Coverage of medications, equipment, and supplies related to the terminal illness.
  • Bereavement Services to help the family in coping with grief and loss.
  • On Call Services available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Forty Years of Hospice in the US

The modern hospice movement began in England in the 1960’s by Dr. Cicely Saunders. Initially, the primary hospice care setting was in an inpatient setting. In the United States, the philosophy of care developed by Dr. Saunders was unchanged, but the care setting was concentrated in the home. Hospice Care has evolved and now it has been recognized that both care settings may be needed to assist patients and their families reach their goals.  Genesis Hospice offers Hospice Care in a variety of settings. We care for patients in their own home, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals and our own inpatient facility, the Clarissa C. Cook Hospice House.

For More Information

Genesis Hospice serves 11 counties in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois including services at Genesis Medical Center, Aledo. We provide hospice services in private residences, in local health care facilities, as well as at Clarissa C. Cook Hospice House, the only residential hospice center in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. Please contact the Genesis At Home Intake department at 563-421-5400 with any questions you might have about hospice or services offered. 

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