Sleep Patient Stories

Making Dreams Come True

Read stories from patients about their experiences with the Sleep Disorders Center.

WQAD's Jim Mertens

Jim Mertens of WQAD-TV shares his personal sleep disorders story in a series of three reports this week. He had a sleep study and followup at the Genesis Sleep Disorders Clinic, Davenport. Watch the story here.

Steven Johnson

Steven Johnson would fall asleep in the chair while receiving chemotherapy, only to have the nurses wake him because he would briefly stop breathing. Read more.

Leona Schmidt

Leona Schmidt used to snore so loudly, her daughter says it was like trying to sleep with a freight train in the house. Read more.

Bud Caldwell

All his life, Bud Caldwell of DeWitt has fallen asleep only to have his legs thrash uncontrollably about -- like a puppet. Read more.

Dr. Jon Lemke

Dr. Jon Lemke would often wake up gagging and gasping for air. While he slept, his wife would occasionally shake him to get him breathing again.

Those frightening symptoms led him to have an overnight sleep study at the Genesis Sleep Disorders Center in Davenport, where he became one of 18 million Americans to be diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. Read more.