Making Dreams Come True

Leona Schmidt's Story

Leona Schmidt used to snore so loudly, her daughter says it was like trying to sleep with a freight train in the house.

"We have a two-story house. I slept on the top floor, and my family slept in the basement to get away from my snoring," Leona of Davenport says.

Now, Leona and her family rest easier - and all on the same floor - thanks to the newly expanded Genesis Sleep Disorders Center and the diagnosis of Dr. Stephen Rasmus, a neurologist and board-certified sleep specialist.

He diagnosed her with obstructive sleep apnea, a process by which the airway gets blocked off during sleep. To help her snoring, she goes to bed connected to a continuous positive airway machine (CPAP) that uses air pressure to prop her airway open while she sleeps.

Her dreams are coming true. Her husband of 29 years sleeps in the same room with her again. She sleeps quietly, without her legs thrashing about. She can go for a car ride without going into a deep slumber, and she drives a car without her head bobbing at the steering wheel.

This year, the center expanded to eight sleep testing rooms - two more rooms on the West campus and a new satellite lab with two testing rooms at Genesis Medical Center, DeWitt. The sleep clinic has grown to four exam rooms, and there's a new patient education area. Genesis Medical Center, Silvis also offers a sleep disorders center with two testing rooms.

In addition, the center at Genesis is one of only four centers accredited in Iowa and the only one accredited in the Iowa and Illinois Quad City region.

For Leona, all that means a good night's sleep.

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