Power Sports Performance Programs

Sport Performance Training

Sport performance training is designed to fit the needs of any athlete. During PSP sessions athletes are closely supervised and coached throughout the workout. Learn how to run faster, develop explosive starting speed, accelerate quicker than your competitor, and change direction better. Develop usable core strength for improved performance.

Pre-Developmental (Ages 7-9)
Developmental (Ages 10-14)
Developmental II (Ages 15-18)
Collegiate (18-24)


Sportsmetrics is a program based on research conducted by the Cincinnati SportsMedicine Research and Education Foundation.  It has proven that females who participate in this jumping program are less likely to suffer a serious knee injury.  By focusing on mechanics of jumping, landing, and running, athletes can expect to see improvements in agility, vertical leap, and speed. 

Return To Sport Training

Athletes recovering from an injury and wanting to return to playing sports at a high level will see great benefits from enrolling in Genesis PSP for return to sport training.  Groups are led by certified athletic trainers using researched techniques and lifting progressions, and all programs are reviewed by physical therapists to ensure quality. 

Team Camps

PSP offers great discounts for team or group training. Currently PSP trains adults and young ahtletes in groups through out the day, group training has proven to be a great success due to the motivation and accountability provided by the group. Group discounts are available for groups of 10 or more. Call for prices on team camps and start dates of bootcamps.

Sports Nutrition Consulting

PSP offers sports nutrition consulting to help athletes or the general public maximize their body composition through dietary changes to dominate their sport or life. PSP staff will guide you through nutritional basics and help design a nutritional plan that will fit your lifestyle and nutritional preferences. Sessions are an hour long and include e-mail support for accountability and questions.

Adult Fitness Program

Weight Loss Intervention Exercise Program

The goal of this class is weight loss and reduction of risk factors associated with chronic disease. Classes consist of cardiovascular training, resistance exercise, nutritional guidance and stretching. Aerobic and anaerobic exercise will be performed at moderate intensities for the duration of the class.

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