Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation uses existing skills and interests of each person to rehabilitate them to resume a healthy, active lifestyle. Recreation therapists develop treatment plans to promote the independent physical, mental, emotional, and social function impacted by trauma or disease. It is through these programs that individuals are able to find what interests them and become educated on how they can use these interests to aid their rehabilitation.

For example:

  • If a person has quit participating in activities they previously enjoyed as a result of pain, depression or substance abuse, we may have them try leisure education sessions to help them identify the benefits of maintaining involvement in these activities. 
  • If a person enjoys athletic activities such as skiing, basketball or golf and has experienced a spinal chord injury, we can teach them to use adaptive equipment to allow them to continue these leisure activities. 

Community reintegration is an important part of treatment. The purpose of recreational outings is to give patients the opportunity to practice what they have learned in therapy. Examples include car transfers, walking community distances, problem solving, safety awareness, communication, and awareness and use of positive recreational opportunities in the community. 

To learn more about Therapeutic Recreation, contact Specialist Glen Sancken at 563-421-1470 or send him an email

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