Therapeutic Recreation Facility Dog

Logan the facility dog. What is a Facility Dog?

The Facility Dog Program is a part of the services provided by the Therapeutic Recreation Department within the Genesis Medical Center Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The program provides opportunities for hospitalized persons with a physical and/or mental impairment to experience a specifically designed therapeutic intervention to improve function, or provide social interactions with our very own facility dog to enrich their health and/or quality of life during their hospitalization.

About Logan

I'm a Silver Lab facility dog and I work full-time at Genesis with patients who have had a stroke or suffered a brain injury. I help them regain strength and use of their arms and legs. We play games and I walk with them. I'm special ... I'm the only Genesis employee who gets to nap whenever I need one. After work, I go home with Kelly Sigler, who is a therapeutic recreation specialist. I'm a year and a half old and spent the first 18 months of my life training for my job at Genesis. The Genesis Health Services Foundation brought me to Genesis. I love my work except for one thing ... there are never enough treats. MORE TREATS ... but don't tell Kelly.

Logan is sponsored by Purina.

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Video Of Tanner (Our former facility dog)

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