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Access to Waves: Adaptive Water-Ski Clinic

Who - People who would not be able to water-ski without adaptive equipment which includes but not limited to: spinal cord injuries, legally blind, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, acquired brain injury, and polio.

  • Adaptive Water Ski Clinic.
  • Adaptive Water Ski Clinic.

Why - Adaptive water-ski provides an alternative recreation activity to greater promote independence and allow people to experience the thrill and excitement of water sports to people with physical disabilities that did not think were possible.

What - A free of charge adaptive water-ski program for people with disabilities to learn how to water-ski.

Where - Backwater Gamblers Ski Dock off of 66th St. Rock Island. (From Blackhawk Rd. turn South on 44th St.  Go to the woods and you will see the Backwater Gamblers sign).

When - August 16, 2014

Items To Bring - Lunch, sunscreen, towel, water, change of clothes,

Important - All prospective skiers must complete a pre-registration form prior to the event and obtain doctor's permission. Please contact Chris Heggen from Backwater Gamblers at 309-737-6529 to register.

Joint Pain

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Judy Gipson Still Signing after Wrist Fracture

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