HydroWorx Aquatic Therapy Pool

Our new physical therapy and sports medicine center at Eastern Avenue and 53rd Street in Davenport includes the HydroWorx 500i series. Athletes and patients can make use of the cutting-edge, underwater treadmill pool, the likes of which are used by top health care and sports facilities worldwide and unlike any aquatic therapy in the Quad City region.

Runner Karson Sommer, Bettendorf, <br />uses the HydroWorx underwater <br />treadmill as physical therapist <br />Kathryn Ellsworth studies his gait <br />pattern on the video screen.Runner Karson Sommer, Bettendorf,
uses the HydroWorx underwater
treadmill as PT, Kathryn Ellsworth
studies his gait pattern on the video screen.

HydroWorx’s patented underwater treadmill is integrated seamlessly into the pool floor and is revolutionizing physical therapy and fitness. By taking advantage of the body’s buoyancy in water, a HydroWorx pool will eliminate from 20 percent to 90 percent of an individual’s body weight. For example, in collarbone-deep water, a 200 pound subject will bear only 20 pounds while in the aquatic therapy pool. This, in conjunction with therapeutic warm water, allows for substantially decreased joint compression and pain.  

As a result, with HydroWorx, early range-of-motion gains during rehabilitation are immediately a reality. Gait training in a low-impact environment allows for earlier replication of proper ambulatory biomechanics, which were formerly postponed until pain-free, land-based training was possible. Hydrostatic pressure promotes the healing and strengthening of injured tissue by reducing joint stiffness, decreasing swelling, and lowering blood pressure levels. Cardiovascular stamina, muscle toning, and flexibility are augmented by the resistance that water provides.

Two underwater cameras and two flat-screen viewing monitors greatly enhance a therapist’s diagnostic capabilities when evaluating an athlete/patient's underwater gait pattern. An athlete/patient has the ability to watch and adjust underwater movements, ensuring proper form and safety.  

HydroWorx’s directional jet systems allow for up to 200 different water speeds and can be directed to the exact locations desired. These jets are essential for rehabilitation, resistance exercises, physical training, swimming-in-place, stripping lactic acid from tired muscles, and deep-tissue massage. Harnessing the force of the water jet into a focused stream creates a deep, wide band of pressure for therapeutic, subcutaneous, manipulative penetration and myofascial release. This increases flexibility, decreases recovery times, and strengthens and heals injured tissue through improved circulation.

HydroWorx therapy pools are also utilized by Dr. James Andrews and the Andrew's Institute, Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas and professional and college teams across the country including the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Notre Dame, Appalachian State, and the Philadelphia Phillies.

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