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Welcome to Genesis Physical Rehabilitation at the Bettendorf Medical Park. We specialize in offering programs that meet the needs of patients requiring physical, occupational and speech therapies. Our goal is to integrate services to improve the functional level of each patient. Our therapists take pride in offering the very best care in a friendly environment.


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7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 

Physical Rehabilitation - Maplecrest
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  • Physical Therapist Kristin Mohr gives a visitor a physical therapy screening at the 2014 KWQC-TV6 Women’s Health & Lifestyle Fair, presented by Genesis Health System.
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Outpatient therapy is available for patients who have moderate to severe physical limitations and who can travel to receive care. Back, soft tissue, sports medicine, neurologic, women's health, fibromyalgia and work related injuries are the most frequent ailments referred to outpatient therapy.

Other ailments commonly treated in an outpatient setting include:

  • Danielle, PTA, assists a patient in the Universal Exercise Unit.
  • Kristin, PT, DPT, assists a patient.
  • Sue Clemens, OT works with Roger Whitney, to improve his vision, hand-eye  coordination, speed, attention and focus using Dynavision.
  • Elise, PT, assists a patient with postural exercises.
  • Cherie Blackwell, OT/R, CHT, is assisting Suzanne with aquatic upper extremity strengthening.
  • Cindy Sortillo, Therapeutic Recreation Specialist , works with Diane in the LIFT program to increase her independence and safety with functional activities of daily living.
  • Nancy Greenwood, PTA, is using the Balance Manager to address balance retraining.  The clinician can address many components affecting balance while keeping the patient safe.
  • Sue Clemens, OT/R, is using the Bioness system to facilitate muscle return following paralysis.
  • Lori Dryg, MA, CCC-SLP, CBIS uses computer based cognitive retraining to assist Michael with his goal of improving reading following his brain injury.
  • Danielle Cook-Roberts, PTA, works with Michael on improving his strength and endurance.
  • Jane Nickels, PTA, works with Diane on her balance and endurance.
  • Spinal dysfunction
  • Chronic pain
  • Pain from motor vehicle accidents or other trauma
  • Cumulative trauma disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Hand injuries, surgeries or splinting needs
  • Joint replacements and revisions
  • Nerve injuries
  • Amputations
  • Neurological disorders
  • Soft tissue disorders
  • Vestibular disorders (Dizziness)
  • Speech disorder
  • Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction (incontinence)
  • Musculoskeletal discomfort during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Constraint Induced Movement Therapy
  • Dynavision Program

To meet our goal Genesis Physical Rehabilitation at the Bettendorf Medical Park provides our patients with the most up-to-date therapeutic services and help the patient return to either their prior level of functioning or to increase their level of functioning. The center provides outpatient physical therapy, outpatient occupational therapy, outpatient speech therapy and Power Sports Performance (PSP). All of the services are provided by highly educated physical therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapy assistants and speech therapists. All of our therapists stay abreast of the latest techniques and technology in their respective fields by regularly attending continuing education courses. The therapists are supported by a friendly staff of administrative assistants.

Please allow our facility to serve all of your outpatient physical therapy, outpatient occupational therapy and outpatient speech therapy needs.


Lori Devore Dryg, MA, CCC-SLP

Title: Supervisor

School and Year of Graduation: Augustana 1984; Western Michigan 1985, MA

Began at Genesis: 1986

Specialization/Certification: Lori is a certified Brain Injury Specialist. She is an active member of the American Speech and Hearing Association and the Quad Cities Speech and Hearing Association.

Community/Recreational Activities: Lori is on the advisory Board for St. Ambrose Master's Program in SLP. She is also currently taking classes for her Master's of Organizational Leadership.

Kristin Eitzman, PT

Title: Physical Therapist

School and Year of Graduation: Wayne State University Detroit, MI 1991

Began at Genesis: 2005

Specialization/Certification: Kristin specializes in treatment of orthopedic conditions. She is especially interested in treating neck pain, TMI, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and chronic pain.

Emily Pierson, PT, DPT, OCS

Title: Physical Therapist

School and Year of Graduation: St. Ambrose University 2006, BS in Biology and DPT

Specialization/Certification: In 2006, Emily completed a year long orthopedic residency and is a board certified physical therapist in orthopedics through the American Physical Therapy Association.

Patricia Darland MSPT, C/NDT

Title: Physical Therapist

School and Year of Graduation: University of Iowa 1989, B.S. in Biology; University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences for Physical Therapy 1991, MSPT

Began with Genesis: 2000

Specialization/Certification: Patricia is  certified in neuro developmental treatment, receiving certification in 2012.  Areas of emphasis in her practice include vestibular and neurologic diagnoses and aquatic therapy for neurologic and orthopedic conditions.  Patricia has treated neurologic and orthopedic diagnoses in a wide variety of settings including hospital based inpatient rehabilitation and acute care, extended care facilities, home health care, and outpatient clinics.

Kirstin Hawley, PT, DPT

Title: Physical Therapist

School and Year of Graduation: St. Ambrose University 2006, DPT

Began at Genesis: 2001

Specialization/Certification: Kirstin has a passion in caring for those with neurological disorders. She also has experience in wheelchair evaluations and aquatic therapy.

Dorene Van Fossen, PT, MPT

Title: Physical Therapist

School and Year of Graduation: University of Iowa 1982, MPT

Specialization/Certification: Dorene has twenty-seven years experience in physical therapy, and treating patients in a variety of settings. For the past seventeen years, she has worked in outpatient orthopedic care. She specializes in treatment for chronic pain, often incorporating a soft-tissue treatment called myotherapy in the appropriate patients.

Christine Klemish, PT, MPT

Title: Physical Therapist

School and Year of Graduation: Iowa State University; St. Ambrose University 2001, MPT

Specialization/Certification: Christine specializes in both physical therapy and vestibular therapy. She is an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and a certified strength and conditioning specialist.

Danielle Cook-Roberts, PTA

Title: Physical Therapist Assistant

School and Year of Graduation: Black Hawk College 2002, PTA

Began at Genesis: 2002

Specialization/Certification: In 2002, Danielle achieved her Physical Therapy Assistant Degree from Black Hawk College. She now works as a Physical Therapy Assistant at Genesis Physical Rehabilitation at Maplecrest.

Nancy Greenwood, PTA

Title: Physical Therapist Assistant

School and Year of Graduation: Black Hawk College 1994, PTA

Began at Genesis: 1994

Specialization/Certification:  Nancy began at Genesis in 1994.  She specializes in multidisciplinary geriatric conditions. In addition, Nancy specializes in aquatic therapy.

Jane Nickels, PTA

Title: Physical Therapist Assistant

School and Year of Graduation: Black Hawk College 1994, A.S. in Physical Therapy

Began at Genesis: 1994

Specialization/Certification: Jane began at Genesis in 1994. She treats a variety of patients including those with orthopedic and neurological conditions. She also specializes in aquatic therapy.

Community/Recreational Activities: Jane is involved in various church activities and Assumption High School activities.

Cherie Blackwell, OTR/L, CHT

Title: Occupational Therapist

School and Year of Graduation: St. Ambrose University 1998, Bachelors in Occupational Therapy and Psychology

Began at Genesis: 2008

Specialization/Certification: Cherie is a certified hand therapist specializing in upper quadrant rehabilitation. Cherie focuses on continuing her education on hand therapy, stroke, and spinal cord injuries.

Susan Clemens, OTR/L CBIS

Title: Occupational Therapist

School and Year of Graduation: St. Ambrose University 1993, Bachelors of Science in Occupational Therapy

Began at Genesis: 1993

Specialization/Certification: Susan specializes in the L.I.F.T. (Learning Independence for Tomorrow) program. She also works in the cognitive rehabilitation program and is part of the arthritis team. She is an instructor of Arthritis self-help courses, and also works with patients with orthopedic and general neurological conditions.

Community/Recreational Activities: Susan has been married over thirty years, and has four daughters and one son. Susan also has four grandchildren.

Cindy Sortillo, CTRS

Title: Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

School and Year of Graduation: University of Iowa 1993, B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation

Began at Genesis: 1995

Specialization/Certification: In 1995, Cindy began working at Genesis. She is involved with the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation. 

Linda McNeill, SLP

Title: Speech and Language Therapist

School and Year of Graduation: Illinois State University 1980 and 1982, B.S. and Masters of Science in Speech, Language Pathology

Began at Genesis: 1982

Specialization/Certification: Linda helps to coordinate the Aphasia Support Group. She does specialty testing of brain injury and is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist through the Brain Injury Association of Iowa. She provides treatment for dysphasia (swallowing), dysarthria, aphasia, voice disorders, and oral motor dysfunction caused by cerebral vascular accidents, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injuries, cancers, and other various problems. Linda has been a member of Quad Cities Speech and Hearing Association and continues to update her training by earning thirty hours or more of professional education biannually.

Angela Bert

Title: Massage Therapist

Specializations/Certifications: Angela is a licensed massage therapist with over sixteen years of experience. She works with a range of patients from the chronically ill to athletes requiring special extremity work. She updates her skills each year with extensive training, in order to bring the most effective body work methods to the Quad Cities. Massage provides relief to people from all walks of life including those with; cancer, heart disease, diabetes, chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, sleep apnea; as well as those receiving physical and occupational therapy.

Jessica Chrisman, OTR/L

Title: Occupational Therapist

School and Year of Graduation: Western Michigan University 2010, OT

Began at Genesis: 2011

Specialization/Certification: Currently Jessica practices occupational therapy at two Genesis locations; Genesis Outpatient Rehabilitation at Valley Fair and Maplecrest. Jessica enjoys working with individuals of all ages, with an interest in patients with stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, and upper extremity orthopedic injuries.

Elise VothElise Voth, PT

Title: Physical Therapist

School and Year of Graduation: St. Ambrose University 2010, PT

Began at Genesis: 2011

Specialization/Certification: Elise specializes in the treatment of orthopedic conditions and vestibular disorders.

Chad West, Rehab Tech II

Chad WestTitle: Rehab Tech II

School and Year of Graduation: Central High School 1993

Began at Genesis: 2010

Specialization/Certification: Chad received his certification in the Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program. He enjoys directing classes to help individuals find relief with their arthritis. In addition to helping those with arthritis, these classes also help people with fibromyalgia. 

Community/Recreational Activities: Chad grew up in Davenport, Iowa, and is a current resident as well. He enjoys music, drawing and reading.

Glee Einck, PT, MPTGlee Einck, PT, MPT

Title: Physical Therapist

Began at Genesis: 2007

School and Year of Graduation: Rockhurst College in Kansas City, MO, 1998, MPT

Specialization/Certification: Glee specializes in women's health.  She utilizes evidence-based treatment of pelvic floor disorders, including urinary incontinence and fecal incontinence in both men and women. Glee treats women for pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy and childbirth. She has experience in a variety of physical therapy settings including outpatient, skilled, and acute. In addition, Glee continues to treat clients for orthopedic problems and post surgical issues.

Community/Recreational Activities: Glee enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters.

Karen Pohlmann  M.S., CCC-SLP, CBIS, LSVT/LOUD CertifiedKaren White, M.S., CCC-SLP, CBIS, LSVT/LOUD Certified

Title: Speech and Language Pathologist

School and Year of Graduation: University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point 1985, MS in Speech-Language Pathology/Communication Disorders

Began at Genesis: 1986

Specialization and Certification: Karen has a Certificate of Clinical Competence through the American Speech and Hearing Association.  In addition, she is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist and she is Lee Silverman Voice Therapy (LSVT/LOUD) certified.  Karen specializes in treating adults with  speech and language disorders from acquired brain injuries including stroke, traumatic brain injury, and other neurological deficits.  She also treats patients with voice disorders, swallowing disorders, and has a specialized certification in LSVT/LOUD for those individuals with Parkinson's Disease.

Community and Recreational Activities: Karen enjoys her book club, running, biking, and spending time with her three children and two dogs.

Katherine A. Cary, COTA/LKatherine A. Cary, COTA/L

Title: Occupational Therapy Assistant

School and Year of Graduation: Kirkwood Community College 1987

Began at Genesis: 1987

Specialization and Certification: Katherine has worked in many areas of the OT field.  She has worked in Psych, Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation, and Outpatient Adult Rehabilitation.  In addition, Katherine has experience in Outreach, VNA, and the LIFT program.  In 2009, she also obtained her CBIS certification. 

Community and Recreational Activities: Katherine enjoys spending time with her kids, sporting events, and family time.

Kristin Mohr, PT, DPTKristin Mohr, PT, DPT

Title: Physical Therapist

School and Year of Graduation: St. Ambrose University 2010, DPT

Began at Genesis: 2011

Specialization/Certification: In 2011, Kristin graduated from St. Ambrose University with her doctorate in physical therapy.  Kristin enjoys working with all patients who have orthopedic conditions.

SamiMertenSami Merten, PT, DPT

Title: Physical Therapist

School and Year of Graduation: University of Northern Iowa 2009, B.A. in Biology; University of Iowa 2015, Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Began at Genesis: 2015

Specialization/Certification: Sami is a member of the APTA. She enjoys treating a wide array of individuals. She has a specific interest working with sports injury and general orthopedic patients.

Community/Recreational Activities: In her free time, Sami enjoys time with her husband and Labrador, exercising, biking, fishing, and gardening, along with other outdoor activities.

Patient Stories

I trust Genesis Physical Rehabilitation to meet the therapy needs of my patients, and my own family, because their people serve with professionalism and heart

-Dr. Joseph Books, DO, MHA


Please honor Teresa and Elise at the front desk. Their friendliness and concern is above and beyond what they really should have to do. I even started to feel better the minute I walked in! They are absolutely the tops!

Also please honor Elise V., physical therapist. She is the greatest!  She explains everything and why it is being done. Elise is very caring and concerned. There is no one more dedicated to her job than Elise. 

-Richard Paulsen


Kristin Eitzman, PT, is a big draw to the clinic. Her skills, knowledge and compassion made my rehab possible. I have never met anyone like Kristin who could alleviate my symptoms.

-LuAnn Olson


Mike Faust was told he may not be able to walk again, but through hard work and dedication he is now able to walk!  Please click here to read Mike's amazing story.

-Mike Faust 


Thanks for everything, Glee!

Two months ago my gynecologist suggested physical therapy for my stress incontinence since surgery was not an option for me in the line of work I am in. For my past two annual visits my doctor wanted me to meet with a women’s health physical therapist named Glee…Much to my surprise when I returned home from my doctor visit I had a message on my answering machine saying Glee had an opening the end of that week…So with not a lot of confidence I said yes.

The minute I met Glee my mind was changed. She has an amazing way to make uncomfortable topics seem ok to discuss. When I left my first visit I was motivated to make this work. Over the weeks Glee was so good at teaching me the proper breathing techniques to go along with the pelvic contractions that are crucial in my day to day life. She made me recognize the foods and drinks that were irritating my bladder, not to mention how important the bowels are in this whole process.

So as the weeks progressed, slowly I noticed small changes. After six weeks I was amazed at how things had changed. Don’t get me wrong, this will not happen unless you really want it to. Glee can teach all day long but if you are not willing to apply it to your own life its not going to work. Within three months it has become habit for me. I am not 100% fixed… but I firmly believe I will continue to improve.

So if you are finally fed up with bladder mishaps, don’t hesitate to make physical therapy with Glee a priority in your life. You won’t regret it. Glee literally changed my life!


Initial Paperwork

To better understand your current condition, Genesis Physical Rehabilitation will request the completion of our history and intake form at your initial visit. For your convenience, please feel free to print and complete this document prior to your appointment. If you choose to complete the paperwork in advance, please be sure to bring the completed history and intake form to your initial evaluation.

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