Genesis Pediatric Therapy Center Brings Hope

Physical therapist Katie Snyder works with Madi Ramirez.

Physical therapist Katie Snyder
works with Madi Ramirez in the
heated therapeutic pool as part
of her weekly therapy at the
Genesis Pediatric Therapy Center
in Bettendorf.

Madi Ramirez’ parents weren’t given much hope when they learned that their 2-year-old’s awkward crawl stemmed from a progressive neuromuscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Once they digested the magnitude of their daughter’s prognosis, her parents Tom and Megan Ramirez of LeClaire resolved to put negative thoughts aside. They would continue to hope their daughter’s condition could improve.

They found that same hope and positive attitude when they brought Madi to the Genesis Pediatric Therapy Center two-and-a-half years ago.

“Madi barely had a crawl, and doctors told us it probably would be the best she would ever get,” her mother says. “They said her muscles would atrophy from that point on. She would never walk.”

Today, 5-year-old Madi looks forward to therapy each week with physical therapist Katie Snyder and occupational therapist Ashley Larson at the Genesis Pediatric Therapy Center at Genesis Medical Park, Maplecrest Road in Bettendorf.

Instead of the predicted slow decline in her condition, her parents see weekly evidence that she’s gaining strength and mastering more.

“Madi has shown nothing but growth and improved strength instead of atrophy since the first day she came to the Genesis Pediatric Therapy Center,” her mother says with emotion. “The therapists have done wonders for her.”

“She walks with a walker but is able to walk across the room without one. She has always wanted to go upstairs, but that’s a really hard thing for her to do. At therapy last week, she took a couple of steps up and then down. It was so exciting to see.”

Madi’s two older sisters enjoy dance, tumbling and cheerleading. She considers her time at the center to be her own special extracurricular activity. She especially loves swimming in the therapeutic pool on Mondays.

“As her parents, we celebrate every little thing Madi does,” her mother says. “The therapists celebrate along with us and get just as excited in her accomplishments.”

About the Center

Madi improves her skills at getting dressed with occupational therapist Ashley Larson.

Madi improves her skills at getting
dressed with occupational therapist
Ashley Larson.

The Genesis Pediatric Therapy Center offers care in a newly re-designed and remodeled 6,000-square-foot facility. The center and its multi-disciplinary team specializes in programs that meet the needs of children requiring physical, occupational, and speech therapies.

The family-focused center boasts multiple treatment rooms for children of different ages, speech therapy rooms, a therapeutic dining area, parent viewing rooms, and a large gym. Numerous swings, a track, treadmill, warm water pool, and a rock-climbing wall are among the amenities therapists use during creative and fun treatments.

The center’s occupational therapists offer individualized treatment programs in: sensory integration, fine motor training, visual motor training, therapeutic listening, and early intervention.

Physical therapy services include: early intervention, gross motor, neuromuscular, orthopedic treatment and serial casting.

Speech and language therapists evaluate and treat children for a variety of diagnoses, including communication impairment, swallowing difficulties, and feeding difficulties.

Group therapy services are also provided. Prescription Fitness offers therapist-supervised strength and endurance training for children. Occupational and speech therapists also lead Sequential Oral Sensory feeding group activities. The center also has access to the heated therapeutic pool for specialized aquatic therapy.