Mini-Facelift In The Quad Cities Area

Face-lifts are performed by Dr. Searles under local anesthesia in less time and at a marked savings to the properly selected patients.

The operation is performed under local with oral supplementation of a relaxant such as Valium. The procedure can restore your jaw line, lessen your jowling and enhance your cheekbones. 
The option of extending the excision behind the ear with a small incision under the chin can be included to gain improvement in the neck if deemed necessary.

The basic mini lift involves a small incision in front of the ear and in the side burn.  The deeper tissues are tightened, improving the jowl, nasolabial fold and jaw line.  The excess skin is then removed.  Pain is well controlled with oral pain medicine and patients may shower and shampoo the next day. 

Please call to see if you are a candidate for the mini face-lift, a less invasive, less expensive and safer option than more aggressive and involved face-lifts.