The Health Cabinet

The heart of the health ministry is the congregational health cabinet. They are people within your faith community who are committed to the concept of a wholistic ministry of health and wellness. The health cabinet views people in an integrated way combining body, mind and spirit. Both lay and professional people make up the cabinet, giving guidance, direction and support to the parish nurse/faith community nurse.

Role of the Health Cabinet

  1. Represents various groups within the congregation such as married & single adults, youth, seniors, homemakers, business persons, and health professionals.
  2. Is well informed about health ministry/parish nursing.
  3. Envisions what the health ministry will look like in your congregation.
  4. Develops your mission statement and establishes long and short term goals.
  5. Communicates the concept of health ministry/parish nursing to the congregation through bulletin inserts, articles in your newsletter, in conversations, speaking with council and congregational groups.
  6. Continues the assessment initiated by the steering committee: what is being done now regarding health and wellness, what needs are being met, and resources within and outside of the congregation.
  7. Organizes a commissioning service for the health cabinet, validating the health ministry and raising awareness in the congregation about this important ministry, as well as asking for God's blessings and guidance.
  8. Prays, encourages, and supports the parish nurse and the health ministry.

Upcoming Classes

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    8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
    RNs can provide access to healthcare within their faith communities through health promotion, education and disease prevention with the support of clergy and lay health ministers.

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For more information about our parish nurse/health ministry services, please contact:

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