First Steps in Health Ministry

Are you thinking about a Health Ministry in your faith community?

Pray for God's will, timing, and guidance.

Learn all you can about health ministry.

Jennifer Hildebrand RN, BS, Faith Community Nurse, Coordinator of Health Ministry for Genesis, is also a parish nurse. She can provide valuable information, resources, and networking. Call 563-421-5513.

Talk about the concept of health ministry to leaders in your faith community. Our coordinator will come to your place of worship to speak about the advantages and blessings of having a parish nurse. Some are volunteer and some are paid positions.

Appoint a steering committee of six or eight people that will meet for a few months. Their goals and first steps might include:

  • Talking about the concept of health ministry to the congregation, council, staff.
  • Asses the care ministries that are already in place--would they coordinate nicely under the umbrella of a health ministry?
  • What needs are not being met?
  • Who coordinates home, nursing home, hospital visits?
  • Identify resources within the congregation, and a place to house the ministry.
  • Determine equipment needed to implement the ministry.
  • Complete a preliminary draft of the health ministry mission, and develop a small budget as well as a job description. Will the position be paid or volunteer? Hours of service?
  • Recruit a parish nurse and members to serve on a health/care ministry cabinet. (These are usually members of the steering committee).

Contact our coordinator, Jennifer Hildebrand RN, BS, at 563-421-5513 or for resources and information during any step along the way.

Upcoming Classes

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    RNs can provide access to healthcare within their faith communities through health promotion, education and disease prevention with the support of clergy and lay health ministers.

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For more information about our parish nurse/health ministry services, please contact:

Jennifer Hildebrand