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No referral is necessary to schedule an appointment at the Genesis Wound & Hyperbaric Institute. If you want to see us, we say come on in!

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Our certified staff is dedicated to providing quality care that is research-based.  

Program Director/ Clinical Manager

Lori Riessen, RN,WCC

Clinic Nurses

Amy McIntire RN,WCC/Charge
Lori Carlson, RN, WCC
Kara Harvell, RN, WCC
Lynne Snow, RN
Erin Martin, RN
Kari Crowder, RN
Lisa Seeman,RN
Cheryl Thorsen, RN
Colleen Rosmilso, RN
Amy Jones, RN
Michelle Walter, RN, WCC
Jen Urmy, RN
Ann Borman, RN
Joy Marvin, RN

Hyperbaric Technologists

Michelle Gilpin, Safety Director,EMT-B, Certified Hyperbaric Technician
Patrick Richard, EMT-B, Certified Hyperbaric Technician

Department Secretaries

Kate Brown
Tami Tate

Patient Care Technician

Amee Reed, CNA

Billing and Coding Coordinator 

Christina Ford, CCA

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No referral is necessary to visit the Genesis Wound and Hyperbaric Institute. With locations in both Davenport and Moline, we will schedule a time that is most convenient for you


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