Past Accomplishments


  • Participated in Genesis Philanthropy to provide free low dose CT scans.
  • Participated in the Metabolic Syndrome initiative
  • A sum of $800,000 in funds were donated to GMC-Aledo to help with its renovation project
  • Donated $2,685 for the purchase of three computers to be used for the Women, Infant, Children Food Supplement grant (WIC) and Family Case Management grant (FCM) programs
  • Awarded three Registered Nurse (RN) scholarships, each in the sum of $2,500. Two scholarships of $500 were also awarded to CNAs
  • Made a donation of $125 to support the Mercer County Boosters Golf Outing
  • Held MFH Annual Golf Outing at Hawthorne Ridge. The event raised approximately $13,000 which are funds used toward the scholarship program
  • Helped to purchase a Wander Guard security system for Genesis Senior Living, Aledo with a donation of $13,000 that came from the Annual Benefit Dinner & Auction
  • Donated $3,750 to the “Nourish to Flourish” Back Pack Program. This organization provides children in need with food to take home from school for over the weekend.


  • Donated a fiberoptic laryngoscope valued at $9,000
  • Purchased a cautery unit for $3,000


  • Donated $20,000 toward the purchase of an injector for Radiology


  • Purchased two gurneys
  • Donated $25,000 toward the renovation of Medical Associates Clinic
  • Purchased microscope valuing $4,000
  • Purchased treadmill with a total value of $5,000


  • Purchased Colonoscopy/Endoscopy equipment valuing $140,000


  • Purchased two Blood Pressure/Temperature Probes valuing $6,000
  • Purchased a Steris Stem Surgical Sterilizer valuing $27,000
  • Raised over $1,000,000 through a Capital Campaign to renovate the hospital
  • Sponsored $1,000 to support Mercer County Health and Safety program


  • Purchased Blood Draw Chair for Laboratory
  • Purchased three blanket warmers with a total value of $12,000


  • Trees planted and Extended Care Garden refurbished
  • Hosting "Battle of the Soups" which raised $2400 for Kids' Room in the Emergency Department
  • Partnered with Moon River Supper Club to host May Day Gala to fund hospital beautification
  • Partnered with AMT/Medic Ambulance Service to sponsor a golf outing
  • Presented complimentary ice cream socials
  • Renovated Patient Room supported by Mercer Foundation for Health


  • Providing $28,000 for a surgical video system
  • Re-roofing the building for $125,000


  • Supplying a $40,000 blood analyzer for the laboratory
  • Purchasing a Kodak film processor for the mammography unit for $26,250


  • Giving the hospital a state-of-the-art mammogram machine costing $67,500


  • Purchasing a sigmoidoscope for $4701


  • Supplying a $20,000 bone densiometer


  • Financing and building the $850,000 Mercer Medical Center


  • Purchasing a $2600 Clinitek urine analyzer


  • Buying and remodeling a Viola building to house the Home Health Care unit


  • Hosting a yearly benefit dinner
  • Offering financial support for the yearly health fair

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