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The Genesis Heart Institute is an evolving organization comprised of the many cardiovascular providers in the Eastern Iowa-Western Illinois Region and is consistently recognized in the health care industry as one of the top centers in cardiovascular care. Our physicians are not only experts in cardiac care, but they are leaders in the industry with cutting edge technology and continued education.

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Helbert Acosta, M.D.
Saadi Albaghdadi, M.D.
Kumar Bobba, M.D.
Robert H. Brewer, M.D.
Edmund Coyne, M.D.
Eric Dippel, M.D.
Blair Foreman, M.D.
Michael Gimbel, Jr. III, M.D.
Nidal Harb, M.D.
Kathleen Keyes, M.D.
Mark Kovach, M.D.
Faraz Manazir, M.D.
Balakrishna Mundodi, M.D.
Rafat Padaria, M.D.
Aswartha Pothula, M.D.
Sanjeev Puri, M.D.
Vijay Rajendran, M.D.
Bouyella Reddy, M.D.
Sora Reddy, M.D.
Jon Robken, M.D.
Nicolas W. Shammas, M.D.
Peter Sharis, M.D.
Kent VanWhy, M.D.
Harry R. Wallner, M.D.
William Witcik, M.D.
Mark Woodard, D.O.

Cardio Thoracic Surgeons

Richard Sadler, M.D.  

Vascular Surgeons

Afzal (Erik) Abdullah, M.D.
George Kontos, M.D.

Pediatric Cardiology

Vickie D. Pyevich, M.D.


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