Take Charge of Your Life!

The next few pages give YOU an opportunity to take charge of YOUR life. Know your numbers, eat right, exercise and make the effort to be healthy!

Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke
Learn more about your risk factors and have regular check-ups. Reduce the risk factors you can control. You may need to:

  • Cut down on the amount and kids of fat and cholesterol in your diet.
  • Stop smoking and avoid other people's tobacco smoke.
  • Control high blood pressure.
  • Be more physically active. For example, use stairs instead of elevators!
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Take medicine as your doctor prescribes it.

Take Action in Your Community and Workplace

  • Ask for healtheir food choices in grocery stores, restaurants and your company's vending machines or cafeteria.
  • Insist on a non-smoking section in restaurants and other public places.
  • Request that your workplace be smoke-free.
  • Start a fitness walking club or exercise class.

Learn to Relax
Find healthful ways to deal with situations your find stressful. Unhealthy responses to stress may lead to other risk behaviors like smoking or overeating. Get your friends and family to join you in a healthy way of life:

  • Make changes slowly in your family's diet and exercise habits.
  • Share heart-healthy cooking tips and recipes with friends.
  • Suggest that your church, synagogue or community group hold a blood pressure or cholesterol screening.
  • Find a partner to exercise with you three or four times a week.
  • Turn off the TV and do something active as a family.
  • Help friends and family who want to quit smoking.

Know Your Numbers
Weight related health risks are a serious problem. Your healthcare practitioner can help you fill out this chart. Use it to get a clear picture of where your risk factors stand and to set goals for getting your numbers to healthier levels.

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Top 50 Heart Hospital

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