Patient Stories

New Ultrasound Technology Saves Pulmonary Embolism Patient

EKOS system rushed from two states to Genesis More >>

Women’s Choice Award As One of America’s Best Heart Care Hospitals

The Genesis Heart Institute is a winner of the Women’s Choice Award as one of America’s Best Hospitals in Heart Care.  More >>

Fast Response to Heart Attacks

During a heart attack, lost time means lost heart muscle. Every minute is crucial to restoring blood flow to the blocked artery.  The heart experts at Genesis have a track record of success and consistently respond to heart attacks far faster than the national standard of care.  More >>

Genesis Heart Team Performs First LARIAT Procedure in Iowa

Ophelia Brooks had a difficult decision to make about treating her atrial fibrillation. She could have a heart surgery to correct the very common condition. But such a surgery would require a longer recovery, and she would have a surgical incision. More>>

Complex surgery at Genesis mends aortic dissection

The symptoms that began on a Thursday continued into the weekend, but he decided to spend a couple of nights on his boat anyway. He didn’t give his discomfort much thought. That is, until he mentioned it to a friend on a nearby boat Sunday morning during his morning coffee. More >>

Heart Attack Symptoms More Subtle In Women

“My heart attack was a big shock,” Lacina says. “The day before, I felt tightness in my throat at work, and my co-workers said, ‘You should go to the hospital.’ Instead, I went to my car over lunch, took a nap and felt a little better. The next morning, however, I woke up with the same thing. It just got worse.”  More >>

Helping Heart Attack Patients Across Region

Diane Smith of rural Grand Mound thought she had the stomach flu.  Little did she know it would get far worse. Her heart would stop beating that day.  A veteran of one heart attack, the 55-year-old had an inkling she faced more than the flu when she nearly passed out. She called her husband, Allen, inside, laid down on the couch, and felt the telltale signs unfold.  More >>

He's Running with Heart

At age 55, he feels like a teen-ager. His running intensity equals what it was in high school. He has lost 20 pounds, eats a lean diet, and, aspires to run the full Boston Marathon in 2012. It’s hard to believe that just over a year ago; Dave Craddick of Davenport was in a Genesis Operating Room undergoing open-heart surgery.  More >>

A New Way to Implant Heart Rhythm Devices

Five years ago, when the 41-year-old White learned she needed a pacemaker, her thoughts immediately turned to those evening fashions that show off a woman's bare shoulders. Could she ever again wear strapless gowns, dresses with halter straps or even tank tops if she had an incision scar and the telltale lump from an implanted pacemaker?  More >>

Top 50 Heart Hospital

Top 50 Heart Hospital

For the second time since 2011, Genesis Medical Center, Davenport has been named one of the nation’s 50 Top Cardiovascular Hospitals by Truven Health Analytics based on outstanding outcomes and efficiency. Read more about this recent honor.

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