Absorb Fully Dissolving Stent

Available at the Genesis Heart Institute

Dissolving Heart StentWhen a coronary artery gets blocked with plaque, blood flow to the heart is reduced. If that blockage turns into a clot, a heart attack happens. A stent can prevent the heart attack from ever happening.

What Stents Do

A stent is a small mesh tube, typically made out of wire, that is inserted into a blocked or partially block artery and then expanded with a balloon. Stents help to keep the artery open, allowing blood to flow more freely. Because stents are metal, they remain in the body permanently.

Absorb changes that entirely.

Fully and Completely Dissolving

Absorb is different from conventional metal stents because it completely dissolves. The FDA-approved stent lasts for approximately three years, helping to strengthen the once-blocked artery so much that it is able to stay open without help.

Benefits of Absorb include:

  • No permanent implant
  • More options for future treatments of the artery
  • Avoid complications that sometimes occur with metal stents such as breaking over the time or losing contact with the artery wall\

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