Published on October 11, 2016

Legacy Society Members


  • Drs. Rajesh and Himabindu Alla
  • Dr. V. R. Alla
  • Eleanor M. Allen*
  • Darin and Beth Ann Anderson
  • John  H. Anderson
  • Shirlee F. Anderson*
  • Jackie and Dennis Anhalt
  • Anonymous
  • Robert T.* and Geneva E.* Armil
  • Hugo* and Mary Jane* Arp Family Trust


  • Genevieve S. Babecki
  • Mary Jo Balagna
  • Walter J.  Balzer, M.D.*
  • Janice M. Bargmann
  • Michael A. and Judy Bauer
  • Mark D. and Rita C. Bawden
  • Sr. Margaret M. Bennett
  • Peter J. and Kim M. Benson
  • Harold C.* and Madeline Beran
  • Julie Bitner
  • John Bivens* and Doris Bivens*
  • Gladys K. Bondi*
  • Dr. Richard L. and Carole Bondi
  • William* and Gloria K.* Botta
  • Chaplain Robert and Dr. Ellen Bowlin
  • Dr. Alex J. and Kathleen H. Brandtner
  • Leo A. and Meg Bressanelli
  • Constance K. Bright
  • Donald and Carlen R. Brinser
  • Mrs. Gladys Britt*
  • Ms. Janice A. Brock
  • Charles E. Bruhn
  • John M. and Laurie A. Peschang-Budish
  • Pamela Spear Bulat
  • Dr. James and Margaret Bull
  • Dawn A. Burke
  • James F. and Carolyn Burke
  • Barbara and Gregory Burkel
  • Meg Burrows LeGrand*
  • Gregory J. Bush
  • Joseph D. and Mary Katherine "Katie"  Bush


  • Kathleen A.* and John C. Carmody
  • Edmund H. and Molly P. Carroll
  • Kevin and Diane Cassatt
  • Joel R. and Christine Chapman
  • Melissa and Mike Chapman
  • Katharine and Paul Christofferson
  • Michael S.*and Margaret M. Churuvia
  • Dr. Frank R. and Heidi U. Claudy
  • Kent and Lynn Colberg
  • Howard and Nancy J. Cornfield
  • Kenneth R. Croken and\ Kathryn McKnight
  • Douglas P. and Lynne Cropper
  • Dr. Glenn D. Cunningham*


  • Dr. Joe and Kristy Danna
  • Thomas and Sara Dean
  • Michael J. Dessert
  • Conrad D.* and Roberta L.* Dietz
  • Wayne and Kris Diewald
  • Dan and Celeste Dolan
  • Glenn and Carol Doyle
  • Dennis D. and Ann Staak Duffy


  • Paul and Beverly Eckert
  • Janet Eckhart
  • Bill and Denise Edwards
  • Denise Eilers
  • Dave and Lori Emerick
  • Dr. Brian and Christine Engebrecht
  • Terri and Terry Englehaupt


  • Mark S. and Karen Farley
  • Eugene "Skip" and Lurea J. Ferry
  • Scott and Alexa Florence
  • Dorothy "Jane" Folwell*
  • Janet Forgy
  • Mr. and Mrs.* Robert S. Francione
  • David J. and Katherine J. Franks
  • John and RuthAnne Free
  • Elizabeth J. and Carl Freeman, Jr.
  • Robert and Rhonda L. Frieden
  • Steven T. and Terri Fry


  • Roman Scholtz and Mary Gaetz-Scholtz
  • Mr. and Ms. Patrick L. Gall
  • Dr. C. Wayne and M. Becky Gallops
  • Mary Waterman Gildehaus*
  • Thomas G. Gildehaus*
  • Steve and Kelly Goebel
  • Missy and Greg Gowey
  • Mrs. Dorothy L. Graham*
  • Marilyn H. Gravert*
  • Dr. John "Fred" and Maxine Green
  • Jo Ella Grice


  • Dr. Philip A. and Herminia* Habak
  • Maryanne Hamilton
  • James R. and Margo A. Hancock
  • James R.and Margo A. Hancock
  • Chris Hansen
  • Oliver A.* and Chrystol L.* Hansen
  • Pieter Hanson
  • Kurt J. and Linda G. Haubenstein
  • Estate of Barbara J. Heiny*
  • Rev. Msgr. Francis C. Henricksen
  • Robert L. and June Hibbert
  • Camilla and William J. Hicks
  • Tracey Kuehl and John Hintze
  • Brian L. and Sara M. Hodgini
  • Dr. and Mrs. R. Josef Hofmann
  • Dr. Mary J. Hoppa
  • David W. and Gretchen Staak Horan
  • Nancy and Doug Hultquist
  • Jacqueline L. Hunley
  • Edith Hurevitz*
  • Earl R. and Jeanette F. Hursman
  • Rex and Jean Hutchison


  • Dr. David  R. and Margaret "Peg" Iglehart


  • Michael D. and Elizabeth Jansen
  • Evelyn F. Jeffries*
  • Barb and Mike Johnson
  • Elsa H. Johnson*
  • Estate of Doris Johnson*
  • Irma and Paul H. Jones, Jr.
  • David B. and Jill Jordahl


  • Heidi Kahly-McMahon and James M. McMahon
  • Ann B. and Brian E. Kardell
  • Kevin J. and Susan E. Karlix
  • George W. and Ida Kerr
  • Darwin D. "Buzz" and Barbara Kershaw
  • George J. and Jo Ann Kertesz
  • Roger Kilby*
  • Mark C. and Katherine K. Kilmer
  • Dorothy King
  • Janet and Robert King
  • John and Jane King
  • Terrye Kishiue
  • Mark J. and Barbara Kleinschmidt
  • Dr. William  Kleinschmidt*
  • James W. and Marcia K. Koehler
  • Dr. George and Sherry Kontos
  • Gwen Korn
  • Dr. Richard L. and Judith L. Kreiter
  • Harlan A. and Lois Kundel


  • David and Jane M. Lamb
  • Dr. William M. and Kathleen L. Langley
  • Dr. Erling and Barbara Larson
  • Gary E. and Patricia Larson
  • Paula Kay Leffert
  • James C. and Jennifer Legare
  • Dr. James A. and Kay L. Lehman
  • Dr. J. Randolph and Linda Lewis
  • Carol and James Lodico
  • M. Charlene and Charles Loding
  • D. Jamieson and Gail Glockhoff Long
  • Frederick J. Lorenzen*
  • Greg S. and Anne T. Losasso


  • Drs. Akshay and Geeta Mahadevia
  • Julie S. and Frank Manas
  • Barbara A. Marsden
  • Terry Masek
  • Barbara Mask
  • Alice A. Mason*
  • Jayme B. and Toni J. Massa
  • Deni McCarter
  • Chaplain Dean and Mrs. Debbie McFadden
  • James "Alex" and Elizabeth A. McGehee
  • John and Linda McGehee
  • Joan McKay*
  • Marianne Meyers
  • Carol J. Miller
  • Cora D.* and Wilbur* Miller
  • Ms. Lois A. Miller*
  • Richard B. Miller*
  • Judith A. Mondello
  • Margaret R. and Charles* Moody
  • Joel Moore
  • James and Janet Moose
  • Dr. Ed and Chris Motto
  • Hilda Musfeldt*


  • Mark T. and Anne M. Nagan
  • Andre P. Nelson
  • Thomas O. * and  Margherita Roberti Nobis
  • Mark Gassen and Dr. Ann O'Donnell
  • Sally A. and Jim O'Donnell
  • Dr. Robert C. Olson*
  • Terry Ousley
  • Angela and Michael Overton


  • Emily J. Pacunas
  • Koralee J. Patzer
  • Mr. Merle F. Paustian
  • Jerry J. and Elaine Pepping
  • Dr. Harold* and Evelyn S.* Perlmutter
  • John F.* and Carol Phoenix
  • Kent M. and Judith A. Pilcher
  • Pete Pohlmann
  • Judith A. Porter
  • Judith K. and Norbert S. Pranger
  • Dr. Charles B. Preacher*
  • Edwin L. Prizler*


  • Jolene H. Quandt*
  • Rev. James T.* and Salomea "Sally" * Quinn


  • Betty H. Rabe*
  • Richard* and Mary* Raiche
  • Richard* and Mary*  Raiche
  • Carole A. and Jerome E. "Jerry"  Reid
  • Ronald G. and Joan Reinders
  • Shirley M. Reiser*
  • Peter and Merriam Rink
  • Glen and Diane Roebuck
  • Aloysius J. and Mildred* E. Roederer
  • Dr. Edward J. and Barbara "Bobbi" Rogalski
  • Ted and Lisa Rogalski
  • Mark and Susan E. Rogers
  • Dr. Paul L. and Karen K. Rohlf
  • Dr. Charlotte Rosendorff*
  • Roberta L. Rudiger
  • John G. Ruhl*
  • Kathleen D. Ryan


  • John "Jack"* and Patricia* Samuelson
  • Terry J. Sawyer
  • Richard M. and Dayle R. Sazonoff
  • Jeffrey A. and Judith A. Scarpinato
  • Lloyd G. and Betty Adler Schermer
  • Gregory P. Schermer
  • Dr. Maurice D. Schnell*
  • James R. Seybold
  • Charles R. and Phyllis* A. Shaffer
  • Michael and Molly Sharp
  • Eileen K. Shull*
  • Kelly K. and Tim Sigler
  • Donna and Dwight Sivertsen
  • Debra Slater
  • Rebecca A. and James Smith
  • Penelope L. Soucie
  • Larry and Mary Jo Southwick
  • Florence L. "Flo" and Christopher P. Spyrow
  • Michael J.and Jacalyn Staab
  • Mrs. John H. Staak*
  • Hugh A. and Debby Stafford
  • William R.* and Katherine L.* Stafford
  • Helen G. Stevens*
  • Jean A. Stringham*
  • Tom Sunderbruch, PhD
  • Dawn M. Swope
  • Jerry* and Anna* Sykora


  • Connie L. and Brian D. Tauke
  • Barbara Tharp
  • Deann R. Thoms
  • Marcia E. Traer*
  • Andrew J. and Jane Trasowech
  • Susan Connolly-Travis and  Robert C. Travis
  • Brad and Liz Treiber
  • Brett and Shannon Treiber
  • Phillip and Janet Trissel
  • Scott A. and Melisa G. Turner


  • Joanne S. Updegraff


  • Georgia Van Melkebeke*
  • Rick Vanderscheuren
  • Nellie K. VanQuathem*
  • Dr. Richard L. Vermeer
  • James W. "Jim"  Victor
  • George W. and Jane Vieth
  • Jordan P. Voigt
  • Richard and Susan von Maur
  • Jay and Collette Vonderhaar


  • Lila JoAnn Waddell*
  • Roseanna M. Wade*
  • Chris Wahlig and\ Lisa Bensmiller
  • Charles H.* and Geraldine M.* Wales
  • Amelia E. Wallen*
  • Daniel and Lori J. Walljasper
  • Catherine M.* and Robert V.P.*  Waterman, Sr.
  • C. Dana and Faye A. Waterman
  • Kimberly S. and Robert V.P. Waterman, Jr.
  • Mary Hubbell Waterman*
  • Sibyl Waterman
  • Catherine Weideman
  • Victor and Carrie Weihler
  • Lucille Wolters*
  • Sally J. and Michael L. Worden


  • Kevin and Lolita Youmans


  • Dale and Kim Zude
  • Daniel R. Zude

*denotes deceased

List updated 10/11/2016

Reviewed by Annulka Shipp on October 11, 2016

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