Published on October 06, 2016

President's Circle of Care Members


  • Drs. Rajesh and Himabindu Alla
  • Dr. V. R. and Nirmala Alla
  • Dr. Sissay A. and Tigist Anberber
  • Dr. and Mrs. Kurt A. Andersen
  • Dr. Brian Anderson and Holly Smith-Anderson
  • John Anderson
  • Dr. Andrew and Sharon Andresen
  • Jackie and Dennis Anhalt
  • Drs. Amir Arbisser and Lisa Brothers-Arbisser
  • Jennifer Atzen


  • Sue Baden
  • Steve and Jane Bahls
  • Mary Jo Balagna
  • Shirley Barnes
  • Virginette Barnes
  • Richard Karwath and Joyce Bawden
  • Mark and Rita Bawden
  • Dr. Bill and Judy Benevento
  • Sr. Margaret M. Bennett
  • Peter and Kim Benson
  • Dr. Dick and Carole Bondi
  • Drs. Prakash and Rupa Bontu
  • Marcia Brewer
  • Anonymous
  • Marcia Buckles
  • Pamela Spear Bulat
  • Dr. James and Margaret Bull
  • Dr. Michael Burchett and Ms. Kristin Peterson
  • Robert and Debra Burken
  • Donald and Betty Burzlaff
  • Greg Bush
  • Joe and Katie Bush
  • Lawrence P. Bush


  • Kevin and Delia Cahill
  • Dr. Artemio and Conchita Cajigal
  • Dianne E. Carl
  • Ed and Molly Carroll
  • Kevin and Diane Cassatt
  • Dr. Charlie and Deb Cassel
  • Rosemary and John Chapman
  • Mary and Gary Chilberg
  • Dr. Conway and Kimberly Chin
  • Lynn and Kent Colberg
  • Curt Coleman
  • Dr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Congdon
  • Bethany Conklin
  • Craig and Susan Cooper
  • Juanita Cory
  • Chris and Liz Cox
  • Chris Crandall
  • Ken Croken and Kathryn McKnight
  • Doug and Lynne Cropper


  • Jack and Michele Dane
  • John and Nancy Danico
  • Dr. Joe and Kristy Danna
  • Dr. Lyndsey Day and Kyle Day
  • Thomas and Sara Dean
  • Mark and Lisa Delzell
  • Beau Dexter
  • Betty Dexter
  • Bob and Carla Dixon
  • Dan and Celeste Dolan


  • Paul and Beverly Eckert
  • Dr. Brian and Christine Engebrecht
  • Dr. Siv Brit Saetre and James Entwistle
  • Chad and Tina Ervin
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Essig


  • Patches Fessel
  • Dr. Karen and Matthew Fitzsimmons
  • Scott and Alexa Florence
  • Bonnie Fox
  • Robert Francione
  • Carl and Betty Freeman
  • Rob and Rhonda Frieden
  • Gary and Mary Froeschle


  • Dr. Rick and Patty Garrels
  • Steve and Kelly Goebel
  • Dr. Jeff and Robyn Goree
  • Missy and Greg Gowey
  • Ronald and Shirley Gusta
  • Mark and Becky Guthrie


  • Mark and Wanda Haack
  • Don Hampton
  • Margo Ann and James Hancock
  • Ronald and Kristy Hansen
  • Pieter Hanson
  • Drs. Nidal and Sana Harb
  • Patricia Henricksen
  • Carolyn Herbst
  • Dr. Mark and Tammy Hermanson
  • Myron and Kelly Higgins
  • Dr. Pam and Roger Hill
  • Perry and Robin Hintze
  • Stan and Jackie Hintze
  • Brian and Sara Hodgini
  • Lisa Holdorf
  • Doug and Nancy Hultquist
  • Jean and Rex Hutchison


  • Dr. Dave and Peg Iglehart


  • Mike and Jeanne Jacobs
  • Rick John
  • Barb and Mike Johnson
  • Donald and Jinnie Johnson
  • Marvin and Frances Jones
  • Robert and Nancy Juarez
  • Heidi Kahly-McMahon and Jim McMahon


  • Ann and Brian Kardell
  • Joyce Keegan
  • Mark and Kathy Kilmer
  • Marjorie Kimmel
  • Terrye Kishiue
  • Dick Kleine
  • Jim and Marcia Koehler
  • Kevin and Nicole Koellner
  • Dr. George and Sherry Kontos
  • Gwen Korn
  • Richard and Judy Kreiter
  • Tracey Kuehl and John Hintze


  • Dave and Jane Lamb
  • Dr. Bill and Kathy Langley
  • David and Linda Larson
  • Elizabeth and Tom Leemans
  • Dr. Joe and Ann Lohmuller
  • Elaina Lomsdalen
  • Vicki Loving
  • Anonymous


  • Theresa and Jim Main
  • Char and Steve Maaske
  • Drs. Akshay and Geeta Mahadevia
  • Tony and Piper Manatt
  • Drs. Joseph and Carolyn Martin
  • Lawrence and Marilyn Matteson
  • Jerry and Diane McCormick
  • Dr. Dave McEchron
  • Bruce and Carol McNeely
  • Jeff and Donna Merideth
  • Karen and Dr. Peter Metcalf
  • Jeral and Carol Miller
  • Tamra Mohs
  • Dan Molyneaux
  • Daniel and Jenny Molyneaux
  • Joel Moore
  • Randy and Teresa Moore
  • Dr. Ed and Chris Motto
  • Scott and Laura Mullen


  • Mark and Anne Nagan
  • Jim and Jan Nelson
  • Thad and Jane Nevitt


  • Dr. Ann O'Donnell and Mark Gassen
  • John and Patricia O'Donnell
  • Amy Ortega


  • Vicki and Dennis Palmer
  • Don Pruter and Vickie Palmer Pruter
  • Priscilla A. Parkhurst
  • Melissa and Dan Pepper
  • Jerry and Elaine Pepping
  • Dr. Andrew Philip
  • Carol Phoenix
  • Kent and Judi Pilcher


  • Susan Quail


  • Donna Reed
  • Anonymous
  • Martin Rich
  • John Riches and Julie Kirkpatrick
  • E.B. and Jon Richmiller
  • Ron and Tar Rickman
  • Dr. Peter and Merriam Rink
  • Glen and Diane Roebuck
  • Dr. Ed and Bobbi Rogalski
  • Ted and Lisa Rogalski
  • Mark and Susan Rogers
  • Dr. Paul and Karen Rohlf
  • Chuck and Jody Ruhl
  • Ms. Kay K. Runge
  • Caitlin Russell and Nic Brandt
  • Ian and Sara Russell


  • Jeff and Judy Scarpinato
  • Dennis Searl
  • Steve and Beatrice Sears
  • Drs. Christine and Peter Sharis
  • Mike and Molly Sharp
  • Michael and Vicki Shaw
  • Annulka Shipp
  • James E. Smith
  • Stephen and Brenda Sorensen
  • Larry and Mary Jo Southwick
  • Anthony and Melissa Sovey
  • Hugh and Debby Stafford
  • Dr. Tom and Mary Ann Stoffel
  • Thomas A. Sunderbruch, PhD


  • Deann R. Thoms
  • W. Scott and Barbara Tinsman
  • Brad and Liz Treiber
  • Brett and Shannon Treiber
  • James E. Slavens and Cheri Treiber-Slavens
  • Phillip and Janet Trissel
  • Alan and Myrna Tubbs


  • Joanne S. Updegraff


  • Paul and Donna VanDuyne
  • Dr. Richard Vermeer and Susan Hanson
  • Gabriel and Kay Verstraete
  • Jim Victor
  • George and Jane Vieth
  • Jordan and Jessica Voigt
  • Chuck and Nancy von Maur
  • Richard and Susan von Maur
  • James and Collette Vonderhaar


  • Hal and Vaishali Wagher
  • Chris Wahlig and\ Lisa Bensmiller
  • Tim and Mary Walsh
  • Dana and Faye Waterman
  • Bob and Kim Waterman
  • Kent and Amy Wiersema
  • Jeff and Bette Wigand
  • Mark and Marsha Witte
  • Rob and Deanna Woodall
  • Michael and Deborah Wulf


  • Kevin and Lolita Youmans


  • Dale and Kim Zude
  • Daniel R. Zude

Reviewed by Annulka Shipp on October 06, 2016

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