Published on November 04, 2011

Davenport Surgical Group Provides Surgery Services

The skilled and experienced surgeons of Davenport Surgical Group are now providing surgical services at Jackson County Regional Health Center in Maquoketa.

Surgeons Robert Harson, M.D., John Hartman, M.D., and David Aanestad, M.D., will perform outpatient surgery at Jackson County Regional Health Center and will have office hours two days each week.

“To be able to have surgeons of this quality and experience will be a great benefit for our patients,” said Curt Coleman, Administrator, Jackson County Regional Health Center.

“Affiliations like this with an established physician group allow us to continue to provide high quality health care to the communities we serve. It is increasingly difficult for community hospitals to recruit surgeons, especially a surgeon with a solo practice who is trained in a broad range of procedures. These days, surgeons are trained in a more narrow scope.’’

Dr. Pedro Atienza, who has been providing general surgery to Maquoketa and Jackson County since 1982, is retiring. “We are grateful to Dr. Atienza for sharing his skills and dedication to his patients for nearly 30 years,’’ said Coleman. “Losing an experienced, highly skilled general surgeon like Dr. Atienza could have left a wide gap in our services, which is why it was so important to be able to align with Davenport Surgical Group.’’

The Davenport Surgical Group surgeons will perform outpatient surgeries that usually do not require a hospital stay, such as colonoscopies and endoscopies, hernia repair, gall bladder removal and lesion removal.

“The physicians of Davenport Surgical Group will provide the highest quality surgical services to Jackson County in a more convenient manner through this new relationship,’’ said Dr. Joseph Lohmuller, M.D., President, Davenport Surgical Group.

“DSG has dedicated itself to this purpose for more than 50 years in the Quad-City region and working directly in Maquoketa with our colleagues there will allow us to continue this tradition of excellence. We are grateful to the leadership of Jackson County Regional Health Center for the opportunity to work more closely with them.”

Davenport Surgical Group consists of seven Board Certified general surgeons.  General surgeons specialize in surgical treatment of diseases most commonly associated with the gastrointestinal system (stomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder, appendix, rectum), endocrine system, (thyroid, parathyroid, pancreas, adrenal), skin and soft tissues, hernias, breast and trauma, among others.

In the past year since the hospital has had a management agreement with Genesis Health System, it began providing sleep studies to Jackson County area patients.

In August, the hospital also made two advancements in women’s health services at the hospital.

It introduced digital mammography to women in Maquoketa and the Jackson County region, bringing them the latest screening tool for the early detection of breast cancer. Also in August, the seven physicians of Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialists, P.C. “The Group” began having office hours each week at the hospital.

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