Specialty Clinics

It is the goal of Jackson County Regional Health Center to provide the community with quality and convenient care through these Specialty Clinics.

Jackson County Regional Health Center offers a variety of specialty clinic services for the community. Jackson County Regional Health Center also offers consulting physician clinics in the following specialties:


Physician Location
Dr. Brad McClimon Dubuque


Physician Location
Dr. Thomas Johnson Dubuque
Dr. R.S. Ramabadran Dubuque
Dr. Vijay Rajendran Davenport
Dr. Rami Eltibi

ENT (Ears, Nose & Throat)

Physician Location
Dr. Thomas Benda Jr. Dubuque

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Physician Location
Dr. Kenneth Naylor Davenport
Dr. Jennifer Steines Davenport
Dr. Lindsey Day Davenport


Physician Location
Dr. Christian Schultheis Dubuque


Physician Location
Dr. Rommel Fuerste Dubuque
Dr. Lee Birchansky Cedar Rapids


Physician Location
Dr. Ryan Cloos Dubuque
Dr. Stephen Pierotti Dubuque


Physician Location
Dr. George Isaac Dubuque


Physician Location
Dr. Mark Milleman Davenport

Pain Management

Physician Location
Timothy Miller, MD Dubuque


Physician Location
Dr.  Robert Kelsey, DPM