Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

Physical Therapy

Therapists help people lead more active and independent lives by improving function and teaching prevention of injury.

Patients are referred to therapy by their physician. Each patient individually receives an evaluation by their therapist to establish goals of the treatment and a treatment plan.

Treatment settings:    
- Inpatient
- Outpatient
- Home Health  

Treatment types:

- Strengthening - Stretching
- Balance training - Wound care management
- Job simulation - Home activities
- Pain control - Neuro Rehabilitation

If you have had an injury or having pain, lack of strength or motion causing a life style change we may be able to help. Call 563-652-4064 for more information.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy works to help individuals achieve independence in their lives despite disabilities. This involves treatment and instructions to people of all ages, who needs specialized assistance to lead productive and satisfying lives.

Types of treatments include:    
- Self care activities - Fine motor activities
- Hand injuries - Memory problems
- Adaptive equipment - Strengthening and flexibility exercises
- Activity modification - Home safety assessments
- Developmental sequencing - Energy conservation
- Neuromuscular rehabilitation  
 Treatment settings include:  
- Inpatient
- Outpatient
- Home Health  

Each patient receives an individualized evaluation by a licensed occupational therapist. A treatment plan and goals are set based on the persons needs, activities and priorities. The physician is informed of your treatment plan and goals along with your progress.

If you have an injury or decrease in your abilities we may be able to help. Call 563-652-4064 for information.

Speech Therapy        

Speech Language Pathology is part of the Rehabilitation Services Department at Jackson County Regional Health Center. It serves people of all ages with communication and swallowing difficulties. Patients begin with an order from their physician. They receive an evaluation and an individualized treatment plan designed to meet their needs and goals.

Therapist are licensed in Iowa and certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Speech Language Therapy Assists with:  
- Communication Skills - Memory and Attention Deficit
- Swallowing Skills - Voice Disorders
- Communication Devices  

All insurances including Medicare and Medicaid are accepted.

For more information, contact 563-652-4064, Monday through Friday.

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