Published on February 24, 2014

DeWitt Community Hospital Foundation Awards Scholarships

The DeWitt Community Hospital Foundation (DCHF) has awarded skin and wound management certification scholarships to three registered nurses who exhibit exceptional leadership qualities and assist with skin and wound management at Genesis Medical Center-DeWitt (GMC-DeWitt) Westwing Senior Living.

Chelsey Hawthorne has been a Genesis employee for 12 years and is currently a Unit Manager at Westwing.  Laura Johnson has been with Genesis for 10 years and is a Registered Nurse at Westwing.  Jessica Mayfield has been a Genesis employee for 11 years and is currently a Nursing Supervisor at Westwing. 

GMC-DeWitt is a Pathways hospital, a designation which recognizes healthcare organizations that create work environments where nurses can flourish.  This designated supports the professional satisfaction of nurses and identifies best places to for nurses to work.  Westwing Senior Living has a Five Star overall rating and was awarded the 2013 “Best Nursing Home” designation by U.S. News & World Report.

Westwing provides convenient access to all hospital and Genesis Health System services.

“The pursuit of continued education and certifications ensure that our nursing staff remains top notch,” said De Schmidt, Administrator, Senior Services, Westwing.  “Ongoing nursing education is proven to positively impact resident care and satisfaction, which is our top priority.  

“All three women have shown themselves to be exceptional nurses and leaders among their peers,” said Angela Rheingans, DeWitt Community Hospital Foundation Director.  “We are honored to be able to assist these women with their continued nursing certifications, and are confident that they will share their knowledge with their co-workers.”

Scholarships awarded by the DeWitt Community Hospital are funded by community donations and the proceeds from the annual March Match-Up, Family Fun Event.  The DeWitt Community Hospital Foundation supports GMC-DeWitt, Westwing and other health related initiatives in the community.

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