About Your Room

I.D. Bands

To ensure patient safety, you have been issued a wrist band to serve as patient identification. Our staff has been trained to check your name band and/or ask you to verbally confirm your name and birth date before providing a service - whether it is testing, information, medications, delivery of food, etc.

Nurse Call System

Each bed has a unit to call a nurse. Simply push the blue center bar on the unit. It will electronically notify the nursing station, and a member of the nursing staff.


You can control the television by using the same unit as the call system. The volume is controlled with the knob on the side of the unit. To turn the TV off, hold the button down for a few seconds, or complete the channel cycle. Genesis has cable TV reception. Please refer to the TV Guide Channel 4 for channel selection. Closed caption televisions are available for the hearing impaired. Genesis Medical Center has installed a system that connects our on-campus phone lines and televisions to educational and spiritual videos. How does it work?

1. Tune the TV to channel 2.

2. Pick up the phone and dial extension 1500.

3. Follow the voice prompts that correspond to the TV menus.

4. Patients are asked to enter your room number.

5. Select your video from the TV screen list. When your video begins, hang up the phone.

Telephone Service

To make local outside calls, dial "9," then the phone number. To make calls within the hospital or to our other campus, dial the four digit extension number. To make a long distance collect call or a call billed to your home or credit card, dial the toll free number for the long distance carrier of your choice (MCI, AT&T, etc.). These toll free numbers can be found on the dialing instructions on the patient phone. Patient phones will be turned on to accept outside calls from 7 a.m. - 9:30 p.m. The number for the phone in your room is posted on the wall.

Personal Belongings

We strongly encourage you to leave all valuables and money, other than small change, at home. If this is not possible, we suggest you have them deposited with the Security Department. The hospital will not be responsible for money, valuables, breakage or lost personal items kept in patient rooms. Inform the nurse to contact the Security Department for assistance in safekeeping your valuables.

Assistive Devices

Any deaf or hearing impaired patient admitted to Genesis Medical Center should notify their nurse or another health care provider to request loaner communication devices such as:

  • Telephone typewriter - TTY closed caption television
  • Amplified telephone pocket style amplifier

Please expect a reasonable time to process your request. All loaner equipment must be left with your nurse before leaving the hospital.