Neuroscience Services

Genesis Health System offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services to patients suffering from neurological disorders.

Neuroscience units at Genesis Medical Center's West Central Park in Davenport and Genesis Medical Center, Silvis offer care for neurological and neurosurgical patients, such as those with diagnoses of stroke, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, seizures, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries as well as diagnostic testing services.

Pain Management services are available at Genesis Medical Park, Maplecrest in Bettendorf to evaluate and treat 'the whole person' who may be suffering from chronic and/or acute conditions such as low and radicular back pain, neck pain, sympathetic dystrophy, disc pain, cancer pain and shingles (post-herpetic neuralgia). Physician referrals are required.

Sleep Disorders Clinics are located at Genesis Medical Center, Davenport, Genesis Medical Center, DeWitt, Genesis Medical Center, Silvis, Genesis Medical Center, Aledo, and Jackson County Regional Health Center, Maquoketa. Patients may self-refer or be referred by their family physicians to the sleep programs. The clinics use multi-disciplinary approaches to solving patients’ sleep problems. This means that all factors relating to a sleep disorder (like psychological and environmental effects) are taken into account. After a patient has been seen at a clinic, a team of professionals will review existing medical information and assess the sleep problem. Specialized testing such as polysomnography, MSLT or MWT are available to assist in diagnosis. All Genesis Medical Center locations are staffed by registered sleep technologists who conduct sleep studies and testing.

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