Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation is utilizing existing skills and interests of each patient to aid in the process of rehabilitating individuals to once again resume a healthy, active lifestyle. In essence, we use patients' leisure/recreational interests to address their deficits. Recreation therapists develop treatment plans to promote the independent physical, cognitive, emotional and social functioning of a person debilitated as a result of trauma or disease. It is through these programs that individuals are able to find what interests them and become educated on how they can use those interests to aid in the rehabilitation process. We also stress the importance of maintaining a healthy, active leisure lifestyle through leisure education and leisure awareness programs.

For example:

  • If a person is hospitalized for a total joint replacement and they enjoy golf or gardening, we may have them stand and put/chip a golf ball or transplant plants.
  • If a person is hospitalized with a diagnosis of debility and they enjoy playing cards, we may encourage good posture while having them sit in a chair to play cards.
  • If a person has quit participating in activities that bring them enjoyment due to pain, depression, substance abuse, etc., we may have them participate in leisure education sessions in which we help them identify the benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle and address barriers that may be preventing them from pursuing those interests.
  • If a person has had a stroke and enjoys fishing, we may have them stand and practice casting with a goal of improving fine and gross motor skill development in their affected extremities.

Community Reintegration is an important part of our treatment. The purpose of recreation outings (Rehab) is to give the patients an opportunity to practice what they have been working on in therapy out in the community (i.e. car transfers, walking community distances, problem solving, safety awareness, communication, utilizing positive recreational opportunities in the community).

To learn more about Therapeutic Recreation intervention techniques, please contact Kelly Sigler at Genesis Medical Center 563-421-2915 or email her at

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