Speech/Language Pathology - Inpatient

Welcome to inpatient speech/language pathology services at Genesis Medical Center, East & West. We specialize in offering therapy to help patients relearn how to talk, read, write and understand language; find alternate ways to communicate; relearn safe swallowing skills; rebuild thinking, memory and problem solving skills to return home and to prevent future problems. In the hospital setting, this is often following injury, illness or surgery.

Special programs offered are:

  • During a Functional Swallowing Assessment (FSA), different consistencies of foods/liquids are presented to determine a problem in swallowing.
  • A Speech/Language Pathologist uses visual feedback to enhance swallowing performance.
  • A Speech/Language Pathologist reviews the results of a video swallow test with her patient.
  • Bedside/clinical swallowing evaluations
  • Functional Swallowing Assessments (cookie swallow test)
  • Vital Stimulation Swallowing Treatment
  • Lee Silverman Voice Therapy
  • Individual approaches to cognitive intervention (memory, thinking, planning, concentration, etc.) for successful daily living.
  • Expertise in the key areas of stroke, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, etc)
  • Tracheotomy communication methods
  • Laryngectomee services including TEP management

Our goal as Genesis Medical Center, Davenport is to provide our patients with the most innovative treatment options to maximize return of speech, language, cognitive, swallowing or voice functioning.

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