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The Genesis Imaging Center is an outpatient extension of the Genesis Medical Center and is fully accredited by the JACHO. All procedures are performed with care by certified and experienced technologist.

The Genesis Imaging Center offers state of the art imaging services in a peaceful, easily accessible, outpatient setting. Convenient parking, easy facility access, minimal registration time, and minimal wait time are just some of the other great features offered at our facility.

An appointment is recommended and is usually available within 24 hours. Walk-in patients are welcomed and accommodated according to availability.

The next time your physician orders a radiological exam, schedule it with us, at the Genesis Imaging Center in Bettendorf. To schedule an exam with our skilled and friendly staff, call 563-421-3200.  The Genesis Imaging Center is located at 4017 Devils Glen Road, Suite 205, Bettendorf.

Our Services

CT (computed tomography)
A cGenesis Imaging Centert scan is an x-ray that is taken while the x-ray tube rotates 360 degrees around the body. The computer then takes the information received by the receptors opposite of the x-ray tube and creates a thin slice image of your body.

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)
MRI is a radiation free imaging method that uses radio frequencies to produce and capture images. During MRI exams, patients are placed on the table and positioned inside a large, open bore magnet. Some exams require an additional imaging device be placed on the body part of interest to improve the quality of the image. The exam is preformed and the images are processed.

Ultrasound (US)
Ultrasound examinations are sound waves instead of x-rays. A small ultrasound camera is lightly passed over the skin to produce an image. There is no radiation involved.

Mammography/Bone Densitometry
Mammography is an x-ray image of the breast. Screening mammography is performed at this location. Bone densitometry is an x-ray scan that is used to screen for osteoporosis.

X-ray (General Radiology)
Diagnostic Radiology produces radiographic (x-ray) images of the human body. These images that were once produced on film are now produces on special plates, which capture the data and then transfers it to a computer and the computer reconstructs a digital image.

Exam results & PACS (Picture Archive and Communication System)
All exams that are preformed at the Imaging Center (with exception of mammography) are captured and stored in the digital archive known as PACS. Once your exam is complete, you images will be read by a Board Certified Radiologist. Typically within 24 hours your physician will receive a report providing the results of your exam. The images stored on PACS are available electronically to physician’s offices and all Genesis Health System facilities.

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