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Genesis Diagnostic Imaging Departments are staffed by RTs (radiologic technologist) to perform exams, radiologists (medical doctor) to interpret exams, RNs (registered nurse) to assist and monitor patients, and support staff including clinical office secretaries and unit assistants to handle many duties involved in providing our patients prompt efficient service.


Radiologists viewing MRI images on a PACS workstation.A Radiologist is a medical doctor with advanced training in medical imaging. They specialize in diagnosing disease and injury using imaging studies such as x-rays, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, nuclear medicine and mammography. Our radiologists are board certified by the American Board of Radiology.

The Radiologists read exams performed at Genesis. That is, they interpret the images and dictate a report that is typed and delivered to the doctor that ordered the study. They also perform fluoroscopy for GI exams, biopsies guided by CT or Ultrasound, angiograms and other specialized tests. A radiologist is available 24 hours a day for interpretation of emergency exams.


Radiology Registered Nurses (RN) assist and monitor patients while they are in the Diagnostic Center for their exam. The goals of the Radiology RN's are to provide high-quality care, monitor patient safety, and minimize pain during a Radiology procedure.

The department's Registered Nurses:
  • Provide care before, during, and after Interventional exams that use CT, Angiography, MRI, Ultrasound, or Nuclear Medicine.
  • Perform a complete assessment before, during and after an Interventional procedure.
  • Monitor patient closely during procedure, and provide IV moderate sedation and pain relief.
  • Monitor patient during recovery while keeping the Radiologist informed of progress and changes.
  • Radiology RN's start IV's for tests that require them, and help with biopsies, thoracentesises, arthrograms and angiograms.

Family members are encouraged to remain with patients before and after procedures to meet the Interventional Radiologist to ask questions.


Images are checked before being sent to the PACS database.All radiologic technologists at Genesis are registered with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, (ARRT). This requires an intensive two-year program at an accredited school or hospital. At the end of the two years, the Technologist must pass the national registry exam in order to be able to practice. All radiologic technologists at Genesis are required to be certified in CPR and to keep their state licensure current by obtaining continuing education credits throughout the year. In addition, Technologists who work in MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine, and Ultrasound have additional training and credentials.

All of our Technologists work, or have worked, with patients of all ages from newborn to senior citizens, and with all types of physical conditions. We do a great deal of work in the Emergency Department and are able to do portable X-rays in patient rooms if needed. We take pride in our work! Some of our technologists have been with us for over twenty years, consistently providing compassionate quality care.

Genesis Health System staffs Radiologic Technologists 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Full staffing is available Monday through Friday 7am to 5pm. After 5pm staffing is reduced but always available for emergency and urgent care, and includes on call technologists standing by should they be needed.

Support Staff

Genesis Diagnostic Imaging Departments include staff who provide needed support for our patients having the exams, the technologists performing the exams and the radiologists interpreting the exams.

Clinical Office Secretaries at the diagnostic department main desk greet our customers, keep the patient paperwork in order, keep the technologists informed of patient arrivals, and route callers. They handle many requests involving many different modalities and studies. Additional Clinical Office Secretaries behind the scenes retrieve prior studies and import outside CD's for comparison to current studies, obtain urgent reports, and make CD's or paper prints of exams as needed.

Unit assistants in CT and MRI help the technologists by preparing their next patient while the current patient is being examined, including escorting them into the department to change into a gown (if needed), reviewing any worksheets or screening sheets, and answering questions about the test. Unit assistants help with calls and requests for information as well as calling for information when needed.

Genesis Diagnostic Imaging Departments also receive valuable support from other departments within Genesis. Central Scheduling, Admissions, Transportation and Health Information Management are all involved in helping us provide our patients with prompt efficient service.

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