Published on November 24, 2015

Part of Our Mission: Genesis Grief Support

By Glen Roebuck, Executive Director, Post-Acute Services

Genesis provides compassionate, quality health services to all those in need

Focused on the past, grief says, “No more of the familiar.” Focused on the future hope says, “Yes to the possibility of more.”

Focused on the past, grief says, “No more
of the familiar.” Focused on the future, hope
says, “Yes to the possibility of more.”

Many of us have encountered loss and grief. Life is marked by birth and death. Genesis' mission is to provide compassionate, quality health services to all those in need. When we talk about Genesis Grief Support for “all those in need” we mean what we say. Why? Because Genesis understands that others in our community know grief.

Anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one is encouraged to take advantage of the Genesis Grief Support programming, Grief’s Healing Journey.

Two departments of the Genesis Health System, Hospice Bereavement and our Spiritual Care work collaboratively to offer support free of charge. We reach out “to all those in need” not only because we believe in our mission but because we each understand the pain of loss.

Genesis Support Provides Compassion

She was in the most vulnerable state of her physical decline, approaching end of life. She became limited in her desire to communicate with others, becoming more emotionally withdrawn, especially from her husband. Faced with the physical decline and impending death of his wife, complicated further by the emotional withdrawal of his wife, the husband attempted to remain a pillar of strength and thus compartmentalized his feelings in an effort to cope. They were both in a world of hurt.

We grieve that which is gone, and because that which is gone was good.

We grieve that which is gone, and because
that which is gone was good.

The Genesis staff explored with each what was weighing most heavily on their hearts and minds, providing support to them individually and as a couple. The hope was to return emotional intimacy to their relationship as husband and wife so they might find comfort and strength from the love of one another.

She expressed feelings of sadness and fear associated with her impending death. She also identified her wish that her husband would share his feelings about what was transpiring in their lives. She expressed how quiet he had been, as well as being troubled that he did not seem to be experiencing a similar sadness and fear associated with her dying.

He had been trying so hard to do the very thing his wife needed him not to do. Knowing his background, grief support staff inquired if he might be familiar with a country song entitled “Grown Men Don't Cry” by Tim McGraw. His countenance immediately changed. Tears flowed more freely now that there was a shift in his understanding. He felt comfortable honoring his heart as it became clear to him that expressing his sorrow was not a weakness, but strength.

Grief Support Provides Quality Health Services

With companionship, understanding, healing support and individual attention, grief becomes an endurable journey. That’s why our Genesis Grief Support is so special. Compassionate, trained, spiritual care providers offer emotional support for your grief, as well as grief counseling and education.

Support groups facilitated by these Genesis professionals are offered each week. Appropriately named, Companions in Grief’s Journey, this group provides a place for you to receive companionship from others.

Understanding Grief’s Journey, is a four week grief education course that provides a place to learn without having to share your story. After the course, those attending may stay together as a support group called, Healing on Grief’s Journey.

Genesis Grief Support is just one of the many ways we make our mission of providing compassionate, quality health services to all those in need beneficial for our community.

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