Published on August 26, 2016

6 Ways Hypnotherapy Could Help Your Depression

By Brooke Lemke, Hypnotherapist at Genesis Health System

Hypnotherapy and DepressionToday’s topic is depression. Before getting started, please understand that there are many different levels of depression. It can range from a self-diagnosis of feeling blue for a few days/weeks to being diagnosed as clinically depressed.

Depression should be taken seriously, and as a hypnotherapist, I will require a referral from your psychologist, psychiatrist or physician because I am not licensed to diagnose or advise. The instructions for a referral are below.

How It Works

When utilizing hypnotherapy to treat depression, we look at reinforcing the positives and healing the past while creating new behaviors. We look at the cycle you’re in and we find the best way to break it. We can do this several different ways and I’ll list just a few today. Keep in mind, each individual is unique, so the path we take will be just as unique:

1. Reinforce the positives

Somewhere in the subconscious there is an association to how you would like to feel. Take a moment to close your eyes and think of a feeling or emotion you would like to experience instead of depressed/sad/blue. Happy? Content? Peaceful? The choice is yours.

This is the first step to putting you in control. While in hypnosis, we are able to work with your subconscious to bring out that desired emotion, to feel it, and to experience it. The more we reinforce these positives, the stronger they’ll become.

2. Release negative emotions like anger, betrayal and abandonment

It’s through acknowledging our feelings and emotions that we are able release them. We bring up the emotions, feel them, experience them, give them a voice, and release them. We don’t dig up old memories; we only work with the issue(s) at hand. Naturally, your subconscious will bring up issues it wants you to work though and heal, and we certainly honor that.

3. Begin to desensitize

At this point your mind is grasping the positives, releasing the negatives, allowing the past to be healed. We can desensitize to memories, people and events.

We do not delete memories since memories are for learning and growing so we can better our lives. Desensitizing allows us to remove the negative emotions so we can look at the events logically and process them in a healthy way.

4. Improve sleep and energy

Whether you’re sleeping too little or too much, hypnotherapy can help.

Sleep is the perfect time for the mind to vent and to release. Quality sleep can help with overcoming depression. You’ll be impressed with how hypnotherapy improves sleep.

As for energy, we all hear “exercise is great for depression”; however, anyone who has depression knows how difficult exercising can be. Hypnotherapy can help you wake up feeling a little more energized, thus making it easier for you to get moving.

But it's important to start small. Maybe it’s walking to the corner of your block and back home a couple times in the first week. The subconscious is all about homeostasis, meaning it wants to stay the same. We have to coax it to the place where it agrees with your conscious desires.

5. Address your inner child

I only use inner child with clients who want to look at their childhood to heal a present issue that started in childhood. For example, self-worth or self-love.

Our subconscious has a maturity of an eight year old, so we use hypnosis to help the subconscious feel safe and secure and to trust the logical side of your mind for guidance. Note: This is not age regression.

6. Do your homework

Homework is important for everyone. It’s through homework and repetition that we can rewire the neural pathways.

Homework ranges from listening to your recording everyday (if you bring in a recording device such as a smart phone), to writing down a list every night of the good things that happen everyday, to using a variety of tools and exercises that I give you. Every client gets there own personalized homework to match their needs.

Getting a Referral

Hypnotherapy is an out-of–pocket expense, so the referral is not for insurance purposes. The referral lets me know that it is OK with your doctor for me to work with your depression.

All you need to do is have your psychologist or doctor fax the referral to 563-421-3461. Once you have it faxed, please call the clinic to schedule your appointment at 563-421-3460. If you would like a phone consult, fill out the form below or call the clinic and I’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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