Published on February 17, 2017

Improving Heart Health with Hypnotherapy

By Brooke Lemke, Hypnotherapist at Genesis Health System

Hypnotherapy and Your Heart HealthFebruary is heart health month, and there’s no better time than now to talk about how hypnotherapy can help your heart!

We know there are many contributing factors that affect our heart’s health. Some we have control over like eating habits, sleep, smoking, exercising, and managing stress to name the most popular. On top of that, many of us know exactly which areas of our own personal life need to be changed to improve our own heart’s health.

You can maybe even imagine your life with these changes. Imagine a life where you are making better food choices, managing stress better, exercising more, and sleeping better. Imagine how much stronger you would feel! Imagine how energetic you would feel! It sounds too good to be true and like a lot of work, right?

Mind Over Heart

On the contrary! It’s possible! And yes it’s work, but hypnotherapy can make it easier! Hypnotherapy can help you take control of your life through harnessing your mind’s power and ultimately take control over your heart’s health! Hypnotherapy helps the subconscious get on board with your goals and your desires since it’s the subconscious that likes to make the excuses and block you from achieving success!

Hypnotherapy puts you into the hyper-suggestible called hypnosis. In hypnosis, we can speak directly to the subconscious to reprogram your neuro pathways. We can change old habits, create new associations, and strengthen motivation to help you make these changes and go from feeling “stuck” or “defeated” to being successful!

In regards to eating, exercise and stress, you can look back on the previous blogs about weight management and stress/anxiety. These areas are two of the five most common areas I work with on a regular basis.

Sleep and Your Heart

As for sleep, I can count on one hand how many clients have said to me they get a good night’s sleep. That’s less than five people out of the hundreds of clients over the last few years!

Sleep is vital for our mental, emotional and physical health. Sleep is where our minds can let go of the overload of information it no longer needs. Sleep is where the mind can process emotions and release the negatives along with stress. And sleep allows the body to relax and heal. Hypnosis is very successful when it comes to improving sleep, both the length and the depth of sleep allowing you to wake up feeling rested!

Smoking Cessation

Hypnotherapy can help you to stop smokingSmoking cessation is a very important area when it comes to your heart’s health. I don’t need to tell you why smoking is bad for your heart; you’ve already heard it all! I want to tell you how hypnotherapy can help!

Smoking can be difficult to quit on your own because it’s been a habit for a long time and it is a huge part of your life. Maybe you even refer to it as ‘your best friend’. Maybe smoking is there for you to help you cope emotionally. Or maybe you’ve developed an addiction.

To quit smoking is a threat to your subconscious. Regardless of the reason you started to smoke, your subconscious holds onto it to help you survive on a daily basis. Logically, smoking is harming your body and isn’t needed for your daily survival. It’s through that logic and a hyper-suggestible state that we are able to help the subconscious let go of smoking without feeling threatened, thus making it easier to quit.

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