28 Days of Happiness

The shortest month of the year doesn't have to be short on happiness! During the winter doldrums of February, Genesis Health System and the Quad-City Times are teaming up to launch a "28 Days of Happiness" campaign to show how positive deeds and optimism can warm up this cold and less-than-popular month.

Take the challenge and do a positive act each day to spread happiness. Many acts of kindness per day, for 28 days, will lead to a happier Quad Cities community. And before we know it, we'll all be smiling at the arrival of March!

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"Happiness never decreases by being shared."

Your Moments of Happiness

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28 Days of Kindness

The Gift of Kindness

Kindness Is Simple--And It'll Make You Happy

Hold the door for a stranger. Compliment a co-worker. Buy a friend's lunch. Even the smallest acts of kindness can change the world.

28 Days: You Make Me Happy

Who Makes You Happy?

Life Is Too Short Not to Tell Them

Nothing makes us happier than to hear from the person we love just how cherished we are. Take a moment to reach out to the person you love to tell them how happy they make you.

Orange Frog

There's Power in Positive Thinking

The Happiness Advantage