Carolana Miller, Nurse at the Silvis BirthCenter

Carolana Miller

NRP instructor, preceptor, and IT support person

"I am proud of our unit and the teamwork that we have together. My co-workers are like family and I know that I can count on them"

Tell us a little bit about you. What do you enjoy doing during your free time? What are your hobbies?

I am married and have 5 children. My children all participate in sports. I am often at an event or practice. I also enjoy reading and crocheting. My family enjoys outdoor activities and being in nature. We are very family oriented and enjoy taking road trips together.

How long have you worked at the BirthCenter?

For 19 years

What is your job/role at the BirthCenter?

I am a registered nurse, NRP instructor, preceptor, and the IT support person for OB.

Why do you like working at the BirthCenter? What makes you the most proud?

I am proud of our unit and the teamwork that we have together. My co-workers are like family and I know that I can count on them. My job is fulfilling because I get to help families grow and welcome their new miracles in to the world. I know that I can depend on my coworkers for support and assistance. I feel that we all work well together and always put patient care and safety first. I love my job and am proud to be part of my work family.

Why did you decide to work at the BirthCenter?

When I was in nursing school I did my rotation for OB at Silvis Campus and enjoyed the friendly environment. I like the small hospital atmosphere and that Silvis Campus is a LDRP. (Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Postpartum in the same room) Also that I would be able to have skills in all aspects of the OB/Nursery specialty.

Have you and a partner ever delivered at the BirthCenter? If so, tell us what you liked about the experience.

I had four of my children at Silvis Campus. I like the LDRP experience, the staff was always welcoming, knowledgeable, and willing to help with all of my needs in a timely manner. I enjoy the family atmosphere and how welcome my family and guests were when we were patients.

Any stories/comments/examples of compassion you wish to share that will assure future parents that their needs will be met?

The staff at Silvis Campus is compassionate towards all of your birthing needs. I feel that we are very good at helping patients through the birthing process with care of their individual needs. We try to find out our patient's needs as soon as possible so that we can try to accommodate them or explain to the patient why we may or may not be able to. When patients have specific requests that we are unable to meet, we will attempt to find middle ground to keep our patients satisfied.

Any additional comments you'd like to make?

I am happy to be a part of Genesis BirthCenter Silvis OB.  I have always wanted to be an OB nurse and am glad that I was able to become part of the OB family at Silvis Campus.  I am able to work all aspects of the LDRP and nursery areas.  It is nice to be able to do so many different parts of caring for obstetric patients.  I am always learning and growing as a nurse.

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