Kim Nimrick

Kim Nimrick

Nurse Manager

"I am blessed to be witness to the amazing care that our team provides daily. Their commitment to our patients and families is awe-inspiring."

Tell us a little bit about you. What do you enjoy doing during your free time? What are your hobbies?

I am married and have four children.  Being a mother of four, most of my free time is spent at my children's activities.  From dance recitals to baseball games to horse shows, I enjoy watching my children do what they love.

How Long have you worked at the BirthCenter?

18 years

What is your job/role at the BirthCenter?

I am Nurse Manager at the BirthCenter.

Why do you like working at the BirthCenter? What makes you the most proud?

I am blessed to be able to be witness to the amazing care our team provides on a daily basis.  Their commitment to our patients and families is awe-inspiring.  I am proud to say they go above and beyond to provide quality, compassionate care to our families.

Why did you decide to work at the BirthCenter?

I decided to work at the BirthCenter after working one year as a new grad on the cardiac floor here at Genesis.  I was excited to work with women and families during such an important time in their lives.  Where else do you get to witness the miracle of life on a daily basis?

Have you and a partner ever delivered at the BirthCenter? If so, tell us what you liked about the experience.

My husband and I chose Genesis for the birth of all four children.  Each one of my births played out differently. I had a long first labor with my first and a fast and furious one with my second.  I was induced with my third, and my fourth, who continues to do things her way, was an unscheduled C-section.  The common thread among all of my Genesis births was the amazing support and care from the entire team.  From admission to discharge, I felt I was in good hands.