Mattea OttenMattea Otten

Postpartum and nursery nurse

"I wanted to work at a place that celebrated moms and babies and helped to teach and support families."

Tell us a little bit about you. What do you enjoy doing during your free time? What are your hobbies?

I have a 2 ½-year-old son, and we love exploring all the different things to do in the Quad Cities. Some of our favorites are playing at VanderVeer Park, eating our way through the Farmer's Market on my weekends off, visiting the animals at the Niabi Zoo, and splashing at the local splash pads.

How Long have you worked at the BirthCenter?

2 years

What is your job/role at the BirthCenter?

I work postpartum, taking care of the moms and babies and educating them about what's important before they go home. I also am a nursery nurse, taking care of babies immediately after birth, making sure they're stable, completing their very first checks and helping them breastfeed for the first time. Finally, I also scrub in during Cesarean-sections and am part of helping a mom have the best and safest birth experience she can.

Why do you like working at the BirthCenter? What makes you the most proud?

I've only been a nurse for a couple years now, but I absolutely love it. I enjoy coming to work and knowing that each day is special to the people I'm taking care of. This fall, I'm actually starting graduate school in a Nurse Midwifery Program to further my education and continue working with moms and babies. I'm so proud to know that I'm a part of the best days of people's lives.

Why did you decide to work at the BirthCenter?

I wanted to work at a place that celebrated moms and babies and helped to teach and support families. Not only do we take great care of our moms and babies and support them through the struggles of labor and delivery, we have an amazing NICU that can care for their babies if necessary and we have so many tools to utilize to help our families be successful and feel confident in taking their new babies home. I love educating new families and seeing them take pride in their new bundle of joy.