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Davenport BirthCenter

Choose Genesis Medical Center, Davenport—Iowa's top-ranked community hospital—for a safe, sophisticated birth experience in a comforting, home-like environment.

Superior Birthing Services

Deliver your baby at the Davenport BirthCenter for an experience tailored as much as possible to your wishes and birth plan. Our highly skilled doctors, nurses and certified nurse midwives are dedicated to keeping you and your baby healthy and comfortable. We offer amenities to make you feel at home.

  • Leading obstetric providers – Includes physicians and certified nurse midwives from exceptional area practices
  • Dedicated perinatal safety nurse Ensures high levels of quality and safety for you and your baby
  • Labor and whirlpool tubs For hydrotherapy during labor
  • Lactation consultants Provide breastfeeding education and support
  • HALO SleepSacks Wearable blanket you can take home that promotes a safe, comfortable sleep routine
  • Hearing screeners Test your baby's hearing after birth
  • Social workers Provide access to community-resource programs and services, if needed
  • Notary For paternity affidavits

A Focus on Postnatal Bonding

Bond with your new baby immediately after you give birth during a special quiet time we call the "golden hour." After we dry off your baby, we place him or her directly onto your skin covered in a blanket for one hour. This skin-to-skin contact helps your baby transition to life outside the womb and:

  • Calms and relaxes you and your baby
  • Creates bonding time for you, your baby and your partner
  • Stabilizes your baby's breathing, heart rate and blood sugar
  • Keeps your baby warm
  • Stimulates your baby's natural urge to breastfeed

After you, your partner and your baby have this first hour together, your family and friends are welcome to come into the room and celebrate your new arrival.

You'll soon be able to take advantage of this service if your baby is born via C-section, as well, in a process called a "gentle C-section." Currently, our C-section rates are lower than the national average, as we're dedicated to reducing them for women with low-risk pregnancies.

Advanced, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Find comfort in knowing your baby has fast access—in the event he or she needs it—to the Iowa Quad Cities' most advanced Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Neonatologists from the University of Iowa Children's Hospital staff the Davenport BirthCenter's NICU full time. This means your baby can get highly specialized care close to home.

Bella Baby

Baby's First Photo

Genesis BirthCenter is pleased to introduce Bella Baby Photography to capture your newborn's first photo.

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Blue Distinction Center Maternity Care

Need a Pediatrician?

Choose a Genesis pediatrician or family practice provider for safe, compassionate care you can count on for your new infant.

Copper Spoon serving Starbucks Coffee

Craving coffee for 9 months?

Now that your bundle of joy is here, you may find you need coffee to get through your day. Stop in to the Caffé Dallucci, located on the 1st floor of Genesis Medical Center, Davenport for your favorite Starbucks coffee.