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Birthing Options

Find a birth experience tailored to your wishes and needs at Genesis Health System. Here, you and your family will welcome your new arrival in a warm, comforting, safe environment.

Birthing Options for Every Woman

You can count on personalized care for your labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum stages at Genesis' Davenport and Silvis BirthCenters.

Depending on which BirthCenter you choose, you have a range of birthing options, including:

    • Variable intervention levels As much or as little medical involvement as you'd like, including pain relief and the personnel present
    • Hydrotherapy Labor and whirlpool tubs that provide pain relief during labor
    • Pain-relief medications Can include nitrous oxide "laughing gas", intravenous medications as well as epidurals (relieve pain from the waist down)
    • LDRP rooms Labor, deliver, recover and get postpartum care in the same private room
    • LDR rooms Labor, deliver and recover in a single private room and then get postpartum care in a separate room
    • Vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) An option for approximately 75 percent of women who've had a C-section in the past
    • C-section Performed when necessary if you're unable to deliver vaginally or if the need arises during birth

Diverse Team of Birthing Experts

A skilled birthing care team keeps you and your baby safe and well cared for during your stay in one of our BirthCenters. No matter your birthing plan, there is always a physician on call during deliveries in case you or your baby needs additional medical support.

Depending on your preferences and location, your team members could include:

      • Obstetrician Doctor who provides prenatal and postnatal care, delivers babies and can perform C-sections
      • Certified nurse midwife Advanced practice registered nurse who offers counseling and medical care before, during and after your pregnancy, including delivery, with a focus on low intervention
      • Mother-baby nurse Extensively trained nurse who provides coordinated care for both you and your baby throughout your hospital stay
      • Perinatal safety nurse Ensures high levels of quality and safety for you and your baby
      • Lactation expert Provides breastfeeding instruction and support
      • Childbirth preparation instructor – Nurse who leads family-centered classes about pregnancy, delivery and caring for new babies

Focused on Your Baby's Development

Your and your baby's health are our primary concerns. It's why we follow the March of Dimes' guidelines and only medically induce labor before 39 weeks of pregnancy for health reasons. We make sure your baby grows and develops as much as possible before we help you bring him or her into the world.

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